Looking for the perfect LBD Any help?

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Dec 24, 2006
Wow, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal weight! :yahoo: It feels so awesome eh?

As for LBD's...

I myself am a huge fan of Betsey Johnson. Her prices are so reasonable and her clothes are amazing. Here are some of my favourites LBDs from her website:

Solid Jersey Shadow Dot Puff Sleeve Dress - Betsey Johnson Official Store (on sale for $100!!!!!)
Solid Gorge Jersey Shirt Dress - Betsey Johnson Official Store (also on sale, $162!)
Pleated Tuxedo Lace Strapless Dress - Betsey Johnson Official Store (this one is so classic, and it's on sale too! $198!)
Solid Jersey Disco Dress - Betsey Johnson Official Store (Not on sale but it's super cute.)

These are so cheap and cute that you could buy more than one if you wanted!

Also, I love Moschino Cheap and Chic SO much.

This is a gorgeous MC&C top and skirt combo from the NM website: Moschino Cheap & Chic -  Boat-Neck Tank & Ruffled Silk Skirt -  Neiman Marcus

And I love this dress at Saks: Moschino Cheap And Chic - Pindot Silk Dress - Saks.com

Let me know if you want more suggestions! :smile:


Jul 11, 2006
Check out Rachel Pally, gorgeous range that does all styles of LBD's, quite reasonably priced too. I love Rachel Pally, the clothes are so feminine.

Look on revolveclothing.com, they're the cheapest, they have free delivery over $100 to, with discount code JESSICASTYLE for 10% off too! Bargain!