Looking for the perfect gift

  1. I joined this site to post a response to something completely unrelated to purses (Kinoki foot pads) which I suggest you all go and check out. The thread is hilarious. Anyway, I figured that I might as well pose a question to you all on something Coach related. My girlfriend absolutely loves everything Coach and I've done everything I can to avoid furthering her habit. However, with Valentine's Day coming up I need to get her something I know she will enjoy (she already has the jewelry). Can anyone point me towards a relatively inexpensive but nice bag?
  2. I know you said she has the jewelry, but how about the silver heart earrings??
    They just came out and would be perfect for Valentine's Day!
  3. What do you mean be relatively inexpensive ? Like $100 or under $200 or under? do you live near an outlet ? Then when I have this info I can make a suggestion. I am not big on the jewelry, just bags. I like to wear other jewelry
  4. Have you tried checking out Coach.com? They list all the various items they carry with their pricing so you can evaluate how much you'd like to spend. It's very nice of you to do this for your girlfriend, I'm sure she'll love anything you get her! Good luck!
  5. how about these? or she can set up a gift registry on coach.com!
    92240_d1.jpg 92258_B4MC_c.jpg 92224_t.jpg
  6. The Carly is a great bag and retails for $348:


    Here is a small ergo signature hobo that retails for $198:


    These also come in leather versions if she doesn't like the signature fabric.

    Wristlets are also very useful too. This one retails for $98:

    You've got lots to choose from on the COACH site. Good luck and let us know if you need more opinions!
  7. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. One would think that after being together for nearly a year and a half that I'd be better at guaging her tastes. Unfortunately, I don't pay much attention to purses and such.
  8. Maybe you could get her one of the keyfobs (like the heart) and a gift card with an appropriate amount, or a keyfob with a note that says you will take her purse shopping?
  9. I concur with Candace! I would love if my DH did this!:yes: