Looking for the perfect classic chanel bag..

  1. I need a new black bag for this season and would love a chanel bag. I like the black quilted caviar bowler but I don't exactly know if there are any others that are nicer. I hate going to the city I wish they had a website to shop off of. Any suggestions on a chanel bag that wont go out of style anytime quickly:yes:
  2. You will get more responses in the Chanel subforum, so ask a mod to move this thread over.
  3. Have you considered a reissue?
  4. Check out the Chanel Resource thread. You can get a lot of ideas there. :yes:
  5. I'll move this to the Chanel Forum, consider looking around a bit;)
  6. I also suggest what elongreach said to do, swanky ingeniously has stickies of popular lines, and there you can see not only how the bag looks but often how it hangs on the body as well, which is always an added plus.
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