looking for the perfect balenciaga travel bag

  1. Has anyone purchased the new courier bag? I am looking for a bag for travel in Europe this summer - Weekender is too big for sightseeing so I am trying to decide between the work and the courier. I have 10 year old twins and a dh who probably won't want to carry a thing:P
  2. shoegal, i have not personally purchased the new courier nor known anyone who currently has. but i know a lot of moms who swear by the work to tote around their children's things (as well as their own necessities) for daily and travel purposes
  3. CeeJay swears by them!
  4. Yeah ... you know I was going to reply to this one; I spend about 50% of my time (if not more) traveling back and forth from the US to the UK or the Continent.

    While I would have originally recommended the Weekender (aka: Voyage) bag, the problem is that it does not come with a strap (if you see one with a strap - it is a FAKE!!). It has plenty of room to carry both your personal stuff as well as work stuff (file folders, etc.), but if you are burdened down with luggage as well as a Laptop (as I usually am), carrying the Weekender can become problematic (I currently dealing with both a Shoulder injury and now my Elbow!). The Work/Office is also nice, but (in my opinion) really doesn't have enough room to handle both the personal affects and work stuff. So, what does this leave ... aaaaahhhhhh ... my now absolutely FAVORITE B-Bag in the world -- the COURIER (see my thread - CeeJay's Balenciaga bags as I have just posted some pictures of my wonderful Cornflower Blue Courier bag!).

    Not only does this bag have PLENTY of room (frankly, more room than the Weekender), but the best part is that there is not only a shoulder strap ... but an adjustable one to boot!! Woo Hoo ... this makes it a HECK of a lot easier to slap on the shoulder -or- messenger style across the chest leaving the hands free to deal with the luggage, extra carry-on stuff or baby carriage, baby, etc.!!! THANK GOD that Balenciaga finally made a travel bag that's a lot more versatile!

    When I spoke to Balenciaga-NYC about a week ago, they informed me that there is going to be an even bigger size than the current Courier (holy cow - that is going to be one BMF bag!!).

    Another option, is the Messenger style. This is really a Men's bag, so there is no mirror, but there is a long shoulder strap which can be adjusted. It's not as big as the Courier (nor do I believe it comes in as many colors), but for those that don't need (or want) as big a bag, this might also be an option.

    While I love the City bag, if I'm traveling, the City (or the Work - I have that as well) is not big enough for me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Courier bag!!
  5. ^^ I second CeeJay. I don't have the courier, but I have seen it many times, and if I was looking for a b-bag to travel, or as a mommy-bag, then I'd be all over it like a cheap suit! :nuts:
  6. Thanks for the advice - I own several city bags (bordeaux, ink, caramel, seafoam and deep pink) a shopper in black and a chocolate day bag and wanted something that will be practical, as much as a B-bag can be, but still fashionable. I think the rust courier will be my next purchase and possibly a cognac work. None of the others will work for travel.
  7. CeeJay - I saw your post with the cornflower courier - beautiful!! I called Bal-NY and they have an emerald in stock - at least as of this morning. In addition, they are expecting a HUGE shipment this week with a variety of styles and colors. Happy hunting ladies!!

  8. Ack ... why the h@ll haven't they called me?!?! I knew that S/A at Balenciaga-NYC that I talked to didn't sound too bright!!

    The only problem is that I MUST see the leather!! When I first saw the Courier bag at Barney's/Chestnut Hill, the leather on all of the bags WAS HORRIBLE :sick: - YUCK!!! Ditto the Courier bags that were at the Barney's/Copley!

    I love the fact that my Courier has super leather; more reminiscent of the "old" leather (god - I wish they would go back to it!).

    I'm going to call Balenciaga-NYC right now! Thanks!
  9. i purchased the INK courier b-bag. I absolutely LOVE it. its my first B-bag and my second in a few weeks would be the Emerald weekender!

    Courier is hot and versatile. Very minimalist!