Looking for the Miu Miu Napa Patch Tote in Caramel/Tan?

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am hoping to track down the Miu Miu Large Quilted Chevron Hobo in the Caramel/Tan color if its possible? I have a link to it on the Neiman Marcus website where it was reduced drastically and now I only have luck finding the black and off white but I really do prefer the brown/tan color!

    Here is the link:

    Any help would be very appreciated!
    :smile: Thankyou!
  2. Have you checked ebay? I see them pop up there...make sure to have it authenticated though.
  3. thanks shushopn!
    I completely forgot to check ebay but I just looked it up however unfortunately theres no caramel :sad:

    does anyone else have any ideas?
  4. i have that color of that bag. it's my work-horse bag. it goes with everything and i love it....good luck with finding one. i bought it a year ago and i've not seen one anywhere since. maybe try calling the miu miu stores if they had one in stock?
  5. They were in the sale in London just after christmas I bought the last one in the Bond St store at a very good price I think it may be quite difficult to find one now but as they are still making this bag in Black and white maybe they will bring it out again in tan in the autumn
  6. Hey, was wondering if the reductions on the sale are quite big? or is it more of just a 10% off...? :P hehe thx!
  7. It was about 40% off so a very good reduction
  8. aww im so jelous girlwitstyle and jackie! could you maybe post a photo of it if its not too much trouble just so I can see a real life photo?

    It's so annoying living in Australia, by the time everything shows up here its 10 times more expensive and it's not available overseas anymore as its already 'last season'! :sad:
  9. Here is a pic of my nappa tote

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  10. The one on Barney's is black....the picture is incorrect! (or is the color name incorrect!?)....either way, double check before you buy!

    That picture of the caramel one above, how do you keep it in pristine condition?
    Mine looks more battered and bruised! :smile: I kind of like it that way though...looks pretty and vintage.
  11. I rotate bags pretty often so they only get used for a short time
  12. Yeah I've looked on the Barneys site before, and always noticed that the color is black with that image...so I'm not sure maybe they are just recycling the photo?

    Good leather products would maintain the condition of the bag as well as some tlc :smile:

    Jackie, when you get sick of it feel free to send me a pm, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands!!
  13. Here is mine! I love her =) It took me forever to find this bag! I know you will be able to get one too just keep an eye out and you will come across one sooner or later! [​IMG]
  14. Natalia I really hope you find one soon I had to queue for about an hour outside the Bond St London store in the Jan sales but it was worth it