looking for the long strap betty


Nov 9, 2005
I was at Nordstrom today and saw alot of new chloes. The betty in winter white is beautiful. but the one I really want is the long strap betty. Or what I would call the betty hobo. They had a choco one but i already have the choco paddy so I would love a black one. They also had the betty in an army green color and they had a new tote with a shiny silver buckle on the front in a beautiful dark grey color but the tag said black. Def not black to my eye but a beautiful smokey dark grey. I've never seen that tote before either. I was most impressed with the winter white color they have out and if I didn't already have the white gaucho tote coming I would have bought it. I do love the betty though, it fits very comfortable on the shoulder. Unlike the edith I saw which did nothing for me. Looks like a briefcase you've sat on for a month.
i've been thinking about the betty hobo too...i am yet to see one in person. though they have tan and a chamois color one on both BG and NM websites. the one without all the dangly-janglys hanging from it is like 1400...and the other 1900. someone online said it was comfortable. im thinking about the patent one. good luck.