Looking for the "Lipstick red Maxi"

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  1. Hi Im looking for the gorgeous Lipstick red maxi chanel bag. Does anyone know where I can find one either in New York or Atlanta or even Dubai.

    Would be grateful for any help as I need to get the bag asap as a gift.
  2. If you are referring to the 10C red, then they are most likely all sold out in stores. You can call 800-550-0005 for the Chanel customer service to help you locate one in their inventory system. If not, try eBay.
  3. There is one on ebay. It's only listed for $6499:faint:
  4. Thanks alot. The bag is so hot ....no wonder its sold out! None in London either till November! Anyway will keep looking .....will hopefully find it soon.:nuts:
  5. $6500 is outrageous!!!!!!!