Looking for the item number for a key chain?

  1. I have seen a key chain I like on some purses here at tpf. I t is not on the Coach website, and I am sure one (if not more) of you wonderful ladies knows the item number for it. It is the outline of a gold heart with coach written across the middle. Thanks:smile:
  2. Yes, it's 92069. Good luck finding one! :yes:
  3. Thanks so much. I knew someone would have it. By the way is there a way to find item numbers for things not on the website any more?
  4. as of a week or two ago, you could still order these from JAX
  5. You can look for pictures if you have the item number in the drilldown but if you are looking for the number, the best place to find them is by searching here or on eBay.
  6. I love this keychain too!!!!!
  7. That keychain is adorable! I've never seen it before. Let me know if you are able to order one from JAX.
  8. I LOVE that key chain as well, they actually have one on eBay now, but its in silver!
  9. Call JAX. It is still available. It comes only in brass. $38 Thanks everyone for all the help!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Sorry I am typing too fast. My post should have said "I called JAX"
  11. I am pretty sure it only came in brass so that one is most likely fake. Someone please correct me if I am wrong!!
  12. I just got the same keyfob from ebay a couple of weeks ago.. I LOVE it! I am almost positive it only cam in brass and on ebay there are a lot of fakes, so be careful! :okay:
  13. Right, Brass was the only option.
  14. oh yeah, super fake. I've actually reported that auction in the past I think!

    I managed to find mine (<-- see avatar pic) on eBay...it's sooo stinkin' cute in person! kickin' myself for not buying it earlier! I KNOW I remember seeing this at the outlet over the summer
  15. Congrats on finding the key chain! I think I might have to call and order it too!