looking for the impossible..

  1. anything blue guccissima....girls....IF YOU SEE ANYTHING please keep me in mind.....my bag is lonely and needs a friend:crybaby:

    I've searched everywhere....and nadaaaa

    does anyone know where they've seen any?? or if you have inside pull to get any...??? keep me in mind!! thanks!!!
  2. i saw the coin purse in the sydney store a little while ago
    it was very nice!!!
  3. ahhhhh i live in Canada.....do you have their number??? what time is it over there for you ????

    have you seen shoes??
  4. they have a large blue guccisima horsebit hobo here.. it is going for S$1950. Its the only piece left.
  5. there's a blue guccissima wallet in ebay.ph not sure about international shipping though.. or if the seller will sell it to an internatonal buyer but u can try :smile:
  6. AllyVy: ihave the large horsebit..now I am looking for something to match it.......and i can't seem to find anything...

    THanks girls!!