Looking for the HAYDEN HARNETT MOSAIQUE HOBO on sale online...anyone seen it??

  1. Active endeavors had it, and of course by the time I found it they were all gone...its still full price on HH site. I really want the black one!!! Perfect for me in so many ways...!!
  2. thanks for that mlinky...I don't care for the olive on at all...I saw the black one in person in town where I live and it was love at first sight...too bad because the store got broken into and that bag was stolen!! Right before they had a storewide sale too.
  3. Now that's what I call bad timing. :biggrin:

    Just check the sale link daily. I bet it pops up.
  4. I just saw this bag go on the President's day sale page for Hayden Harnett for $225 and free shipping. :tup:

  5. Yeah, I was just going to say it's on sale at H-H for close to a steal!
  6. Quick buy it... buy it....