Looking for the flap....

  1. Hello ladies, have you see any of these bags with silver hardware at Saks lately?

    E/W black lamb with new chain
    E/W white caviar with new chain
    Med classic caviar/lamb in white/off white

    :smile: tia.
  2. anyone?
    how about a 2.24 or 2.25 reissue?

  3. Try my SA, Delyse. Please tell her April referred you. She's very nice and down to earth. If Saks has it, she'll find it. Her number is 248-808-0712 m(her business cell). She's working Sunday but is off Mon & Tues.
    Good luck!
  4. Call Sandy at Saks PA. She's got a medium/large white caviar with silver hardware (still at $1995) and a black caviar east west. Also a beige lambskin east west. Their prices go up next week only. Good luck! Tell her Caron from Singapore referred you....
  5. thanks you bagmad73 & aprilvalentine

    bagmad, do you know if the beige e/w has the new chain or the single chain? can you please give me Sandy's number? I'm in Canada, I'll ask a friend to call for me. Thanks.
  6. hey tt_81,
    I think the beige lambskin is a single strap east west coz she also said there's no pocket at the back. It's the classic leather and hardware chain in gold.
    Call Saks PA - (610)667 1550 ext 258. Sandy says she also has an email which hopefully she will activate. sandra-silver@s5a.com. prob better to call her first......:okay:
  7. single gold chain? :crybaby:I'm lookin for the double silver chain in any color, do you happen to know if the black caviar is single or double chain?

    thank you for your help I appreciate it.:yes:
  8. I think the black one is a 'small' classic flap so it should be double chain and it's in silver h/w. You should really call her. She's really sweet and went to check in the store for me (although she kept me on hold...my phone bill is going to be super high this month!!!). She's also got the white medium caviar flap in silver. Saks opens at 12noon on Sun (today)
  9. oh I thought its the E/W in black caviar...
    For some reason I can't email her, it kept saying: failure notice. I'll try calling her tomorrow for the e/w with the new chain.

    thank you so much.
  10. i just saw the white medium/large classic caviar flap at the Saks in Beverly Hills, they are still at the old price of $1995 too!