Looking for the First in Black or Grenat


Dec 28, 2006
I have been looking for online boutiques for a Balenciaga bag (the First or Twiggy) in black or a deep red. I can't find any in stock! Can anyone help? I am new to tPF and have never owned a Balenciaga bag before.

Are these sites legit?
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I'm guessing they are not, but if anyone knows where I can find a new bag, I would be so grateful.
I just returned a First in Grenat to BalNY, so I know they have one! It was gorgeous, just too small for my taste. My SA was the wonderful Daphne. Hope this helps!!
Thanks for the replies! So glad I found this forum. I've emailed aloharag.com. Hopefully I'll have my B-bag soon. I don't need to purchase online but prefer to.