Looking for the Cruise 06 Dark Gold Reissue

  1. anyone know where i can find this?
  2. Oh I've been looking for this color too....

    Hpe you have better luck than me. Its a gorgeous bronzey gold!! :tup:
  3. There are a few on eBay, unfortunately I think they are the 227 size.

    PS your SA susan is such a sweetie! I called her a few days ago to inquire about the dark silver reissue...

  4. where? where?^^^

    All i see is the new metallic gold. Not the old dark gold (more bronzed)
  5. trust me...i've been looking on eBay for the past half year and i haven't seen a dark gold pop up. i think it's harder to find the metallic black luxe bowlers.
  6. ya, i just took a look at the auctions I was talking about, and i actually meant "gold" (the really shiny one). Sorry!!! I really hope this bag turns up for you!!!
  7. i know...me too :sad:
  8. yes, susan is very sweet. she always always calls me when new bags come in and she hides the ones she thinks i would like in the closet until i have a chance to come and see them. hehe. she is so cute!
  9. sweetsparkle, what size are you looking for?
  10. 225 or 226. is it still possible to find?
  11. I have no idea...I think Mon said in another thread that our best bet is the resale market!

    So it looks like you're looking for the 225 or 226, I'm looking for the 225, and Iluvbags is looking for the 227. We'll have to band together and look for them together ladies!!! ;)

  12. evychew just found one at a store through her SA so i'm not sure if i should start calling all the stores....but it's from cruise 2006 so i think it's impossible at this point unless it's on ebay. SIGH. but yes, i prefer the 226 size because i had a dark silver in the 225 and it was too small for me.
  13. I think I'm going to have to do that!! :nuts:
  14. Wow. I have no idea that this color is in high demand. I got mine just out of luck... I was looking for the blingy gold one at first, but I ended up buying this instead.
  15. hi sweetie....do you know where i can get another one? in size 266?