looking for the CL Fringe Boots

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  1. hi guys.. im looking for the CL fringe boots in a 39 i need to buy them for a friend for her bday and dont knwno wher eto find them? anyone could help?

  2. They're called the Forever Tina. I'm not sure who would still have them, but I'd check any high-end department stores. You can also check ebay, but be sure to have them authenticated because they have been faked. You can ask about authenticity here:

    Here are some authentic ebay listings:

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. WOW!
    thanks so much for that.. here in bahrian only one lil store sells CLs and they sold out of the forever tina the day they brought them in...
  4. Barney's do not ship internationally. That's a huge shame as they have great sales.

    NM and Saks do, but you need to call them to place an order.

    Some eBay sellers ask crazy prices for Forever Tinas, so you might have to wait for the right auction.
  5. erm i saw them in the hk cl boutique, but im in london now so cant go chekc for you, but you can give them a call =)
  6. im bumping this although its old cuz im still looking for them.. i foudn them in barneys through a great tpfer but then my CC bounced ive credited it now so am relooking and cant for the life of me remeber where i put the SA for banreys email

    so if nayone knows hwere i can get these please let me know
  7. id like them at the sale price apparently all sale items from barneys has gone tot he warehouse so if anyone sees them please let me know.. 38.5 or 39 i was meant to get these as a bday present and now am screwed!
  8. thye are available in the hong kong cl boutique in purple =)
    not sure about sizes tho