Looking for the BN2274 in Fuoco (red)

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  1. I've been on a long-time search for the BN2274 in Fuoco (red) but to no avail. To be honest I'm not really sure how diligent my SA is helping me look for it because every time I ask her she says she hasn't been able to find it.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend Prada SAs so I can broaden my search. The exact model and colour I want is the BN2274 in Fuoco.

    I'm pretty sure this bag is one of the most popular both in terms of colour and model, but I *really* want it so I really appreciate your help!
  2. I just checked prada.com and it looks like only black, white, cameo and pink (bruyere). Have you called Neiman Marcus in Bellevue, WA?
  3. Hi nm in Bellevue hav the cameo or pink ? My SA from nm said she can't find these colors in nm . N the bag send to me was obviously used so i really need to find another one . U hav any contact ? Or any inf If u do plz let me noe .
  4. Why don't you try ordering the cameo or pink at prada.com? They don't have the red but they do have the cameo and the pink.

  5. The pink color peonia n bruyere are both is sold out online too . I ordered the bag from Neiman Marcus with the gc promotion if i return sty it going to forfeit the gc dat y i prefer if it from nm den I can do exchange .
  6. do you have friends in Hong Kong? They have it there.
  7. Do u noe the price in hk? Is it more expensive compare to USA ? Cuz it usually does
  8. I do, but I don't want to bother them unless it's absolutely certain that I can't get it here.

    Do you know the price of it in HK? really appreciate your help =)
  9. I haven't but my SA said she checked her system for it and there is none left in all of North America.

    Does anyone know when Prada stock is shipping from Europe?
  10. I gave up looking for one in store. I ended up going with one of those custom purchase services. One lady still had one last Fuoco left in BN2274 so I bought it from her. The price ended up being about the same as if I bought it in store. She sent me photos of everything so I know it's authentic (it was bought from Prada Las Vegas, ironic bc that was where I had planned on ordering it). It's being shipping to me now so I should receive it in a few days =)