Looking for the Black Modern Chain Tote!!

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  1. I'm looking for the Black Modern Chain Tote. Anybody know where they have 1 available? I got it in white and love it!!!!
  2. They have one at Saks in PA....1-610-667-1550..ext 258
  3. Really? I'll check it out tomorrow! Thanks Jill!!! :yahoo:
  4. NO prob!!!!!
    LMK if u get it!!I love it !!!
  5. Anyone else know where another one is? I would like a black, red or white

  6. I called the Saks in PA and they said they'd call me back, but never did. But its ok...cause I dont need it...I'm done until the fall line comes out!! I've bought 10 Chanels in maybe 3 weeks...I need therapy!! Or this baby needs to be born already so she can distract me!!!!!

    My collection is complete until fall :supacool: .
  7. I've bought 10 Chanels in maybe 3 weeks:woohoo:
    Wow - thats great!
  8. How do you post pics on here? When I click on insert image, it wants a URL...isnt that a webpage? Cant I just insert a pic that saved on my computer?
  9. Julie, use the "manage attachments" icon to insert pics from your harddrive. The pictures can't be too big though, or they won't attach. It's under "additional options" when you are typing a new post.
  10. Ok, I see how to attach them now :smile:

    Now I just gotta resize them...

    So Pics coming soon!!!

  11. Pics pics?