Looking for the black Chanel Camellia Travel Wallet

  1. Hi.

    Was wondering if anyone could help me please?
    I am looking for the (large style) black Chanel Camellia Travel Wallet.
    They have sold out here in Australia and I realise its older stock... but just wanting to ask around if anyone has seen it somewhere else?

    Black with embossed Camellia and closes with a zip.

  2. I saw it the other day in the flagship Chanel store in HK. Can't remember the exact price but I think it's HK$7,400 (exchange rate US$1 = HK$7.8).
  3. Hi
    Thanks for your help .
    However, I am in Australia and they mentioned they won't let me pay via credit card and send via post.
  4. In October, I was informed by the 800 number that there will be new camellia wallet styles arriving in Jan, so maybe there will be another travel wallet.