Looking for Teal colored birkin. Please help ID color.

  1. Hello :smile:

    I recently saw a gorgeous teal colored birkin 30 in the Madison store carried by a very pretty young lady in a black suit. It was greenish blue in a medium shade.

    When i asked the manager what color it was he said it was Vert Bronze.

    I looked up the color here on TPF but nowhere was it near the teal color i saw. And a friend told me she saw Vert Bronze in the leather book and it was a very dark color. Well pictures don't show the real color anyways.

    I went to look at the Blue reference section. No luck.

    Please help!

    Thank you very much!
  2. Lagoon? but it is quite bright
    Vert Bronze is dark as I recall
  3. Yup Golconda,

    No it's not lagon. lagon looks like turquoise to me.
  4. Here is picture of my 40cm Vert Bronze Birkin...........


    Is it the same colour that you've seen at the shop?..........
  5. Blue Paon?
  6. P
  7. Blue Paon or maybe Blue Thalassa
  8. absolutely blue paon
    look in the blue reference section, i think i previously posted a photo of a bunch of blue bags there....
  9. You mentioned turquoise. Not sure that is what you are looking for? It didn't seem like it was, but here is a pic of turquoise for u:

  10. I'm thinking Blue Paon too - I saw a karo in that color in chevre and it was teal to me. I am NOT a blue person, but that one I liked. But I don't care as much for it in other leathers. Which leather has a lot to do with it. Blue Paon in chevre in teal to me.
  11. Sydpsy: No definitely not that color.

    Thanks everybody - no none of those colors.

    Maybe it's a ciel that has darkened and under store lights? But the store isn't that dark.
    I wish i just asked her but i was in a hurry then.....

    this is the closest i can imagine it but with more blue


    picture belongs to Ginal. thank you Ginal :smile:
    Vert Olive Clemence.jpg
  12. thanks FashionistaO!!!!

    sadly that's not what i saw. I saw a greenish blue bag....i'll try to find a color somewhere