Looking for Taupe in all the wrong places...

  1. I've called Saks in Fla and Atlanta, NM in Atlanta, KZ in NY...and no luck so far. :crybaby:Apparently Taupe was not a color carried in any of the stores in the south. At least that's what I've been told so far by the SA's I've spoken to. There has to be one somewhere. If anyone spots a Taupe Paddy Satchel PLEASE let me know where you see it....on sale or not. I would be so appreciative!
  2. Ahh Debs, its horrible when you cannot find one. This one would definitely not have gone on sale, as the colour flew out (over here it sold out on NAP and in Harvey Nics immediately).
    Have had a look on ebay for you :smile: details as follows :



    Hope these might help :smile:
  3. Its in CA. but Chloe in South Coast Plaza carries taupe. They ship.
  4. ranskimmie...do you happen to know their number? Thanks!

    chloe-babe...thanks for the links. Would love to find one from a retail store preferably but I will check these out. Thank you!
  5. no worries Debs, happy to help. I, like you would prefer to order from a store, but the first link I popped on is actually selling at retail and its a definite authentic one :smile:

    good luck, hope you find one soon, its a fabulous colour :smile:
  6. I called my SA, Cherie, @ Nordstroms So Coast Plaza.

    They can't call and check due to the Sale, BUT, she
    will come in early tomorrow and try to locate one for you :flowers:

    Phone her, Cherie, tomorrow @ 714-549-8300.

    *crossing fingers*
  7. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :yes:
  8. If Nordstrom's has it, I'd do them over the Boutique, just in case you aren't thrilled with the particular one you receive. The B is exchanges/store credit for 7 days only.
  9. Good to know...thanks!
  10. I'm considering this first listing....but does it look like the leather wrap is scratched or has some kind of mark on the front of it....anyone?
  11. I think I saw one last week in my Saks...ask for Donna..1-610-667-1550 X258
  12. Hi Debsmith,

    My Nordies in Walnut Creek CA had one last Friday morning:
    [SIZE=-1]1200 Broadway plz
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    (925) 930-7959

    I am sure the SA would ship to you too, maybe no sales tax since
    you are out of state?


  13. Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions...you guys are very kind. The SA's you recommended were very helpful as well.