Looking for sunglasses (don't know brand) (that's the problem!)

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  1. Hi, I looked around for a while but couldn't find an obvious place to put this question. In the past 6 months or so, I have seen exactly 2 people - one on the street, another was a celebrity but I don't remember who - wearing these sunglasses that were white frame, the frames were fairly large and roundish and flat, I think gray lenses, but the great thing was the arms - they were like a sideways Y shape, and looked like twisted rope. I think they were gold. The forked parts of the Y opened up at a really wide angle, went past the temple and wrapped the top and bottom.

    I am terrible at drawing but I gave it a shot: this is what they look like from the side:

    Sound or look familiar to anybody? Would love any leads! Thank you!!
  2. those are killer (as is your avatar :drool:), but sadly, no... the ones I saw had plastic or enamel frames and the Y part was definitely a Y ... twisted-rope or braided-rope looking... thank you anyway!
  3. ahhh will keep looking for you. If not, I have a feeling that a day long visit to your local sunglasses hut is in order!!

    You never know, you might try them on and hate them (hope I am making you feel better!) but you might find a rocking pair that are similar :biggrin:

    and glad you are loving the Jack Bauer action ;)
  4. if it's a Y maybe something from YSL? hmm I'll mull it over
  5. Ooh those are sweet!
  6. very belated thank you for your replies :smile: I never did find the ones I wanted, but ended up getting the Whitney which has been a very good substitute !
  7. Are those sunnies in your drawing Tom Ford's sunnies, model Angelica?

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  8. sounds to me also Tom Ford sunnies, but I never seen such style in white.
  9. those are super hot and i wish i had gotten them instead of whitney - i especially like the nose piece! i don't think they're what I saw though - the ones i saw definitely had that twisted-rope look on the Y-part. oh well! :smile: