Looking for suggestions for a stylish black bag for work

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  1. Once a year, I treat myself to a new high-end bag (usually in the $1k - $1,500) range. I typically fall in love with a bag shortly before I make my annual purchase but I can't seem to find anything that I love right now.

    I'm looking for suggestions for a bag that's:

    - up to or less than $1,500,
    - big enough to hold a few documents,
    - light (I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me), and
    - black (or very neutral - although I wouldn't mind an LV canvas if I could find one that I liked for this purpose).

    My last bag purchase was a black LV epi (Segur MM) which I still love.

    Any ideas?
  2. Goyard?

  3. Where do they sell Goyard?
  4. I have seen them in Barneys. They used to sell them online too but I have not seen them on the Barneys website recently.
  5. miss sooky- me or you? lol

    i would say a bh from lv or an epi passy gm. you already have an epi bag so you might not want another one- which is why the bh might work for you. or something cute like a damier salaya or there's another really nice one... uzes. gorgeous!
  6. A louis vuitton cabas mezzo.
  7. What's the bh? The salaya looks promising (as does the cabas mezzo). I almost bought the passy - it came out the same day I bought my segur. The only reason why I didn't is that it had an open top. That was a tough decision still - the passy is beautiful.

    I just saw the Marc Jacobs quilted tote which also looks promising (although I prefer silver to gold accents). Not sure if it's within my price range though.
  8. the batignolles horizontal. it's the same shape as the passy but in monogram. it's open too though. the thing with the passy is that it has the zippered pocket so you can put your wallet etc in there and they won't fall out. i just got myself a red one tonight!
  9. Congrats on the red passy! I really do love that bag. When I went to go by my segur, I must've stood in the LV store for at least 20 minutes debating between the segur and the passy. The bh is nice too. I guess I'll have to take a trip to the LV store to check out a few of these bags.

    I was just surfing on bluefly and I saw another promising bag - the hermes garden bag in black canvas (the leather version looks like it would scratch easily).
  10. what about a prada? my mom is in love with a black nylon prada with leather at the edges. i can try and find it for you. i use my prada black nylon for everything!

    i keep trying to convince everyone to buy a passy. when i was in the lv at macy's nyc a few weeks ago i was literally selling it to one woman. the SA was like "go ahead" because i was pitching. lol
  11. Prada works for me too. 2 or 3 years ago, my annual purchase was a black quilted prada with long chain handles - love that bag still even though the chains were kind of heavy and kept on falling off my shoulders.

    I know what you mean about talking up your bag. I actually get a fair number of compliments on my segur - it really is the perfect size for holding a few documents and even though I don't take very good care of it, it looks as good as new.