Looking for stores that carry Chanel that do not have locations in California?

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  1. I am looking for stores that don't have locations in California. For example, BG, Hirshleifers, where I can check on inventory and have them ship to avoid tax. Can anyone help?
  2. Jeffrey's in NYC has Chanel as well and I believe they are tax free since they only have a location in NY & Atlanta
  3. you can also order from Saks and ask the sales associate to do a "gift send" to someone you know (and trust :P) to avoid tax
  4. Do you know if this works for gift sending to someone in CA since there are saks stores here?
  5. Thanks for the help! I was able to get a gift send from a NM in D.C. to CA.
  6. Wow, I've been told Neimans won't do this!
  7. Wow, I've never heard of this before. I have a Saks in Houston... but they don't carry Chanel handbags. They do, however, carry Chanel shoes. I really wished they carried handbags. :girlsigh:
  8. Gift sending really depends on the SA IMO. I have been told that it's technically against company policies but some SA still do it for their customers. The best way to find out is ask the SA whom you are purchasing from.
  9. PS dept can do tax free from saks
  10. Hi Gail, I was able to get a NM SA gift send on a Chanel purchase just a short while ago. But the feeling I got was that not every SA will do this.
  11. I need a new SA!
  12. Did your NM SA refuse to gift send?
    I don't usually shop at NM so it's a random SA I found and I guess I was just lucky.
    But I had to call my cc company to change things a little because apparently for the gift send she needed the shipping name/address to be different from mine but that address/name has to be attached to my cc so I ended up adding the other person onto my credit card.
    I think for future, I will try to order from BG if trying to avoid tax.
  13. I was told by more than one dept mgr they aren't allowed to do this, but perhaps there is more to it than that....what you're describing is different than normal gift send. Usually if you just send it to another address it's fine.
  14. I have also been told before that gift send is against the rule.
    I too thought sending to a different address would be fine but the SA requested that the address has also to be attached to my card.

    I assumed this is for security reasons because according to my bank, it's risky or a merchant to send merchandise to a different name + address from the card holder's billing info because the purchaser can claim fraudulent charge. That's what the bank said so I think this is why that SA requested this.