Looking for Steve

  1. Any of you know someone selling a Steve messenger bag, or a store that has one in stock? It would be a great help!
  2. hello lawandorder,

    london stores have a couple.
  3. Wall Street has black and orange.
  4. charlotte has cafe and orange
  5. Madison Avenue has olive.
  6. LOL! I know what you're looking for ... just that the title has a special ring to me. It's like calling out one of my friends' DH. :cool::whistle:
  7. What's a Steve? lol
  8. How does this bag cost in € please? (the 38 cm one, in classic black clemence)
  9. i'd like to see a pic too.... anyone got a pic?? I'm in the market for a mess. bag...
  10. It is a new bag (messenger or travel bag).

    € 3,900 for messenger bag

    Look at this thread for more pictures : Steve bag

  11. OMG !!! Less expensive than i thought
    I know now for what i'll save my money!

    Is it a really good messenger bags? For what i've seen in the other topic it seems to be a perfect men "bag" for everyday uses, even though i need your opinion Corlandus do u like it? Do u still use it everyday? Can a 15" laptop could fit in? Is it really resistant? Modeling pict would be awesome!

  12. Castorny, Do you know if Madison still has the olive steve? Is it too big for a 5'8 woman? how big is it? Olive is my favorite color. I'll be there when they open tomorrow!! Let me know about the size. Thanks for the help!!
  13. This bag is a great messenger bag. I am using it everyday and Taurillon Clemence is very scratch-resistant and waterproof. This is a very smooth and supple leather.

    It would fit a 15" laptop but I am not sure I would overload this bag otherwise the strap could quickly be damaged. Any of leather messenger bags is really made to carry to much weight.

    It will perfectly fit the MacBook Air that I will get very soon :wlae:
  14. They also have a Victoria duffel in olive at Madison Ave. I think the messenger is unisex/masculine. You will have to see. It is soft, so if you don't overstuff the bag, it will conform to your body. I love the hardware for the closure. Similar to the Haut a Courroies, just turned sideways.