looking for speedy cerises ... pls help me find one

  1. i am looking for my speedy cerises
    i have got one but i give to my sister...
    please help me find one ,, ladies;)

  2. Pls dnt misunderstand...

    This is not the thread for buying selling the bag agaisnt the rules...

    *** juse need help ONLY ***
  3. eBay or let-trade.com
    Good luck!
  4. let-trade has 1 in stock!!
  5. go to let trade! he has a few that pop up from time to time. good luck!
  6. KarenKooper has one.
  7. The cerise speedy is too cute!

    Thehuangfamily has a ton of them in stock, like LV DIVA pointed out!
  8. Your post had excellent timing as the Cerise is one LV I would love to get a hold of as well. Good luck! Can anyone confirm that the ones listed at Thehuangfamily all seem to be authentic? Do they really ship them flat like that? I have a Popincourt, but have never seen a Speedy in person to judge authenticity. I told myself no more purses until next year, but this is one I MIGHT go for as well.
  9. ahh me too. theres always ones on eBay. but i just cant bring myself to spend the money right now
  10. Yes it is authentic, but the price is a little high. Few days ago, i saw one for only $1000. Be patient, check ebay often and you find one soon. Good luck.

    Here's the one i saw...great condition too
  11. There are some on eBay, and imagechic.com
    search by keyword : cherry

    Hope you be able to get 1.

    :rolleyes: Good Luck