Looking for something very particular - can you help me find it? :)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I feel like I'm always coming up with the bag I want in my head, but I can never actually find one that matches my mental image. But i'm sure people here have a much better knowledge of various bags so I was hoping I'd reach out to you guys and see if you can help me :smile:

    I want a bag in leather - either black, charcoal, or maybe dark grey.

    I'd like a satchel type shape - something like a Dr. Q Groovee Satchel. Something sort of like this: http://www.osgoodemarley.com/products/detail.php?coll_id=18&pid=270&curr=0 but edgier. - not too big but atleast 8.5 x 11 (to hold a folder or something)

    So I'd like 2 handles but also an adjustable/removable shoulder strap. The reason I don't like the Dr. Q Groove is its lack of pockets. I'd like a front pocket - maybe with a flap and some funky hardware, a back zip pocket, and maybe even small zip pockets on the side.

    I don't want the bag to be too stiff or too slouchy, and I don't want too prim of a leather (like the one i posted up top) and also I'd prefer like a darker metal hardware (not gold or silver preferably) In general, something not too over the top - not too much ornamentation, but not boring.

    I know this is a lot of requirements. Also I'm a student so I'm not on here to read/comment all the time but I thank everyone so much for their input in advance!!! :smile:
  2. yeah i'm definitely looking for something with no trim. i haven't seen that MJ bag. i think i'm looking for something -slightly- less casual, though not much so, but that's definitely in the arena. thank you so much!
  3. oh definitely like those a lot (as well as a few others on the site, actually) they have both style and functionality. anyone else know of similar bags?