Looking for something to hold about 16 cards (freq flyer, etc). Any suggestions?

  1. I want something that is small but secure. I use a huge Michael Kors wallet now just for this stuff and it takes up way too much room in my purse. I only use each of these cards a few times a year and that wallet is by far the largest thing in my purse! Would the perfo cles be big enough to stick them all in?
  2. I gave up using a wallet for all my cards, I use to have the mono zipped wallet w/ the id holder, but it got too bulky. I ended up getting the mc pochette mm because it's bigger than a cles so it holds more cards and cash, I use that as a wallet now. There's also the credt card holder w/ the plastic slots.
  3. I use a cles for all my important cards (ID, credit cards, etc) and a small billfold wallet for my less important cards. It works out very well for me because I'm not too concerned with the cards I don't use that often.

    I had my wallet stolen recently and I was very happy that I had divided my things up and whoever stole it only got a little bit of cash and none of my important things!
  4. I'd say Zippy organizer but that is probably too big for you. But I use my Azur Koala Wallet and it is not too big or small and it has 9 card slots, but could double up. Hope this helps :biggrin:
  5. if it is just for cards, the credit card holder will do it! it's wonderful, and so slim.

    Louis Vuitton Credit Card Holder $125.00
    Beautifully crafted from Monogram canvas, this elegant little case discretely holds credit cards or business cards. Each transparent holder pivots into the classic cover.
    • Monogram canvas with cross-grain leather lining
    • 7 transparent cardholders
    • 3" L x 4" H

    For more Louis Vuitton, click here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. and not expensive! suprisingly.
  7. Wow, sorry about your wallet. Good thing they didn't get your important stuff, that is such a nightmare!
  8. I can fit 12 cards into my perfo cles. Looks like there's room for about 2-3 more cards...but I think adding those might make it harder to get each card in and out. Wish I had some more cards so I could test that out:roflmfao:
  9. I was intending to buy that mono credit card wallet too!
    Just shove all the cards you only use once a year so it doesn't bulk up your wallet.
    Good invention!
  10. Awesome suggestion! :yes::yes:
  11. there was a taiga cardholder for 14 cards, but they don't make it anymore I guess...
  12. That is a handy product, but definitely not large enough to hold 16 cards. Mine can hold around 13 max...and even then it's difficult pulling the cards out.
  13. :yes: yup, this thing is a darling, but if you are really concern w/space, then i'd so go perfo cles, it holds the most among all of LV cles,!