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  1. Hello everyone! I'm in need of some assistance. It's almost my birthday and I'm looking for something special. My budget is $1000. What do you guys think? I'm leaning towards a Zippy Coin Purse in Vernis. I was also planning on scanning my local consignment shops.

    1. It doesn't have to be an everyday item.
    2. I would prefer it if the item wasn't monogram/Damier Azur/ Damier Ebene.
    I'm looking for something brighter.
    3. Delicate? Dainty? No problem!
    4. Limited Edition! [emoji175]

    Thank you everyone!
  2. Vernis or Epi pochette? or how about the Vernis Felicie? base on your listed collection...you're missing something dressy, like a clutch.

  3. Thank you for the suggestions! I do like the look of a Vernis Pochette but I prefer brighter colours.
  4. What about a SARAH WALLET ?
  5. Blue black mini Pochette if still available. The epi blueberry zippy or Sarah wallet. Also the hot pink or poppy colors in the zippy or Sarah.
  6. The black and blue mono mini pochette looks super cute!
  7. How about the new spring/summer collection with the birds? They check all of your boxes: the wallets can be used daily if you wanted or for certain occasions only, they're entirely Epi leather, they're definitely bright and colourful (especially the bright yellow of the Zippy), they're practical but still catch the eye, and they're LE. The only downside is that they are slightly over your budget, not drastically or anything, but still over.
  8. For a 1000$ you could get a neat pair of sunnies, that would be my choice.
  9. You can find a Roses Pochette for that price. Get that since it's on your wishlist. There's one on Ann's Fabulous Finds right now for $700.
  10. Based on your criteria and your current collection, I think you should get a full size wallet to go with your bags! Below are my suggestions, even though a few are a little over your $1000 budget.

    1. Striped Vernis Sarah Wallet in Poppy - $980 (http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/sarah-wallet-monogram-vernis-012299#M58038)

    2. Aqua Epi Zippy Wallet - $1030 (http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/zippy-wallet-epi-011773)

    3. Morning Bird Epi Zippy Wallet in Jonquille - $1110 (http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/zippy-wallet-epi-013482#M42539)
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