Looking for something dressy-ish

  1. Making me list and checking it twice!! Can someone suggest something small for wedding/reunion/Christmas party use. Probably something in black. THT
  2. A bag? I really like my small black Carly...love that bag for special occasions!!
  3. I'm thinking of something more along the clutch line, but don't see anything on coach.com I have a med. Carley and love love love it!!! Any more tips?
  4. This is really dressy and pretty I think.

  5. Clutches and dressier stuff will appear later in the year. But right now the Hamptons vintage leather wristlet or either of the Legacy wristlets (the Legacy leather flap or the regular legacy) would make good choices.
  6. Megster, I don't know if your near a Coach outlet..but check there.
  7. I have a small black e/w demi that I use for these occasions - and not much more. It goes with everything!

    Outlet purchase last December - they still have them in Black Leather. I think they're about $150ish. You can also find them on eBay.