Looking for something at LV for under $75?

  1. Are these the same ones that Matt posted last week? I don't remember since I couldn't find it on the site...
    Anyways...$65 is definitely a good price for a piece of LV, but I don't know if this piece of leather is worth $65, really...JMO :smile:
    But I'm sure someone else here would love it!
  2. :confused1: A necklace? It must be me because I can't even tell how you connect the ends...not that I want it. It's doesn't even say LV on it. I can buy that at Target.
  3. Yah, one leather string for $65? I'll pass, but I doubt LV will have a hard time moving these pieces at that price point.
  4. From Elux:
    Can be worn as a necklace or bracelet

  5. yea, 1 lace for $65 is too much for me.
  6. what do you do with it?
  7. I like how they have it in a bunch in those photos...but that would end up costing $650! :s
  8. They should have stamped LV on the ends, that would have at least shown something...

    as a necklace or bracelet, would you just tie it??? hmmm, idk

  9. Basically!:yes: For some strings. I know I'm not LV, but I will make you all those silly strings for FREE! I love LV, but that right there is beyond love. That's obsession. You have to be to buy a piece of leather string for that price.
  10. LV leather lace----- this must be the easiest $65 ever made!
  11. Maybe if you know how to make those sailor knots, it can be used as a pochette extender.:s
  12. You gotta be kidding me! :roflmfao:
  13. What a complete waste of money!!!
  14. I don´t get the price really. Not worth it.