Looking for something a little less perfect...

  1. Hi ladies, just spitballin' here with people who share my obsession: I am a big Chanel lover and I am lucky enough to have quite a lovely little collection. But it's all very, how can I put this...prim and perfect!

    My collection currently is:

    - black cav/GHW classic double flap
    - beige cav/SHW classic double flap
    - plum lambskin/RHW classic double flap
    - black cav/GHW WOC
    - red cav/SHW WOC
    I also have a black cav/GHW long slim flap wallet.

    So it's all very proper. I adore my Chanels, they make me feel so ladylike but recently, I've started to wonder whether there isn't something out there with more of a worn/slouchy/vintage vibe that might be perfect for me. It's not that I've lost my love of the stiff and perfect Chanel flap, but I'm looking for something a little more relaxed and worn. Has anyone else felt this way? I found this online, this is sort of the leather and colour I'm going for...

    I want something bright and cheerful but not stuffy - something that might be a bag passed down from a chic mother or grandmother. Not too dressed up, workable on weekends with sky blue skinnies and an old breton tee. I don't know that it has to be pre-loved, I might just need to be looking at washed lambskin but in a new bag (I've never seen washed lambskin in the boutique so I'm unfamiliar with how it looks/feels). On the other hand, I'm not averse to pre-loved at all. I guess I'm not sure whether I want a 'new' worn-looking bag or an actual worn bag, if that makes sense?! :P

    Your input and thoughts are always so valuable and appreciated :flowers:
  2. I like the bag you linked!

    I don't favor the very formal Chanel bags, I've always tended to prefer the seasonals for that reason. I don't buy much anymore so don't really know what's in store the next season. The past seasons, especially like 7-9 years ago always had amazing more casual and edgy options.
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    I also liked the one from yoogi’s...the first thing that came to my mind reading your post was something on the order of a bucket bag style. I have a drawstring chanel bag that definitely gives a totally different vibe from all of my others (reissues, CFs,Boy) & is a little bit slouchy (like you seem to desire)because of its shape & it has an extra crossbody strap that is very sport looking so it’s not the “proper” look that you mention. Just a thought! Best of luck & I know you’ll find something perfect for your collection :flowers:
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  4. I hear you! I recently bought a red jumbo lambskin with ghw from Yoogi's and I love it. I love it for many reasons, but the #1 is that I got it for a great price and it is not new. I don't feel as though I need to baby it at all. It had a bit of color transfer and I got most of it out with baby wipes, but it's OK because I wear it with jeans and transfer is inevitable. There is something fun about owning pre-loved because the item was loved before and moved along to be loved again. https://www.yoogiscloset.com/chanel-red-quilted-lambskin-leather-classic-jumbo-double-flap-bag-83240.html
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  5. Oh thank you Swanky! I haven't ever looked at vintage Chanel so I'm in unfamiliar territory - typically people prefer things in really perfect condition so I wasn't confident about looking at something a little more worn. I am going to keep an eye on this bag and see if I'm still thinking about it - that's a good sign it's the one for me :biggrin:

    Thank you for responding, I really appreciate tPF members taking the time to help a girl out! :flowers: I'm pleased you think this bag is a nice option, I've never considered a bag with slightly more wear and I wasn't sure if I was being crazy! I'm going to keep an eye on it and also keep searching online - I think I have a better idea of what I want based on your feedback and I agree, the right one will jump out at me at the right time. It is so nice to know others understand the look I'm going for - not always so stitched up and polished :smile:
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  6. Oh my goodness - that bag is simply stunning :eek::drool: I am a little jealous! :P

    Thank you for sharing your pre-loved purchase, it is nice to know others also like the idea of something a bit more relaxed and worn - I know now I want something definitely in the jumbo size and I think red or coral colour - the hardware I can just wait and see, could be gold or silver - and I will keep an eye on the washed lambskin jumbo and just see whether I'm still thinking about it over the next week or so because that's always a good sign it's meant to be :yes:
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    Just about any preloved Chanel will be less perfect as 90+% of them will have been worn. Some people tend to feel more freedom with a preloved bag because since they didn't pay full price and it's not perfect, they don't feel the need to keep it perfect.

    I love buying preloved bags because I can get new / like new bags for much less than current prices and I can get bags from seasons where the quality, colors, features are exactly what I want. I just make sure to buy them in as close to like new condition as possible and always get them authenticated no matter who I buy them from (Inc. Fashionphile, Yoogi's, etc.)

    When I think comfy Chanel in my closet, I think of my ivory glazed calfskin single flap jumbo. It's smushy. So any soft jumbo will be fun and easy to wear. IMG_4209.JPG
    If you want something really comfy and not a flap, you could search for an Ultimate Soft. These bags came in a variety of colors (black, beige, red, etc.) and are still readily available preloved. I had one in black just like this and sold it. I kind of regret it now.
    You are probably familiar with Chanel tweed but have you looked at Chanel jersey? My favorite is the Leo / Lion flaps from several years past. There were several color combos of this as well. IMG_4213.JPG
    There are many other styles and designs of very huggable jersey bags.
    IMG_4215.JPG IMG_4216.JPG IMG_4218.JPG I don't recall seeing one in the current season but someone can correct me if one's being offered.

    And, of course there are various bucket bags and even the rare Chanel hobo bags if you like thise style. I can't find my things in buckets & hobos so I tend to stear clear. But, they are beautiful bags.
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  8. I just read your latest message and see you like red jumbos. I have these two that I bought preloved. 10c caviar single flap and 13c lambskin double flap. I was sorta kinda supposed to be giving up one but they both seem to be really happy in my closet. :graucho:

    My really strong suggestion is that you don't rush into this purchase. Know exactly which season's red you want to buy because they vary so greatly and then wait for that bag. Some red are almost orange, some almost pink, some almost burgundy and every other red you can imagine. You don't want to get a red that isn't one you'll love.

    Also know if you want lamb or caviar or other and if you want sf or df. I greatly prefer sf for reasons I've stated 10,000 times on this forum. :lol:

    That being said I really don't consider either of these as less perfect I bought them pristine (the 10c was actually unused) and pretty much keep my bags pristine even though I very regularly use them. But as I said in my other post, you may feel more carefree knowing you paid less for a preloved bag :smile: IMG_4219.JPG IMG_4220.JPG IMG_4221.JPG
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  9. Have you seen the gabrielle?..its a newer bag but more casual then the CF and may get a bit slouchy with use.. I have my new C flaps, but enjoy this because its more casual and edgy....jmho
  10. As I was reading your post one chanel bag kept popping into my mind: Gabrielle. I think it ticks all your boxes: new, carefree, casual cool vibe and so many colors available. It’s also much more affordable than the classics (for now).
    The link you posted is lovely but you’re still in the classic flaps... just a thought
    Share with us your decision please :smile:
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  11. Have you considered the reissue?
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  12. i think a boy bag would be beautiful in your collection. even one that's in black and gold still has a bit of edge to it :smile:
  13. Wow, thank you so much for all of your advice and sharing your experiences (not to mention all your gorgeous bags)! :hugs:Your insights into the appeal of pre-loved are absolutely spot on - I am looking for something that has the feel of a family hand-me-down, so naturally will be a bit worn. Not having to pay full price or handle it like the Crown Jewels also has advantages :biggrin:
    I am narrowing it down, I tried a caviar red jumbo in store today and didn't love it - I think caviar is not for me in this particular case. So it needs to be lambskin and I've found this one:

    Not in pristine condition but it has all the signs of slouch and wear that I am looking for while still retaining beauty in the leather and the stunning colour.
    What do you think?? :flowers:
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  14. Thank you ladies :hbeat: I haven't seen the Gabrielle in person but I think for this particular look I'm drawn more towards the lines of a flap.

    I have actually started looking at these also - I don't own a reissue currently but it is definitely something I'm open to. I'm browsing actively :biggrin:

    I haven't considered a Boy for this particular purchase - it might be for something down the track (I saw a khaki one today actually that is absolutely gorgeous but the feel is very different to what I am going for at the moment) :hugs:
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  15. This looks like a nice dark red. Do you want double flap?