Looking for some help, please :)

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  1. I'm trying to find a picture of a regular size duffle showing how much it will hold. I am really considering the black cherry color, and would like to know if it holds quite a bit. I am also hoping that it is not as large as the Isabelle, becuase I am really rethinking her right now. She is feeling a little overwhelming, and I'm not sure I'm going to keep her. I bought the Isabelle in Persimmon and wondered if the burnt orange in the duffle is close to the color or not. I really love the black cherry and don't have to have an orange colored bag in my collection. Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Black cherry is a beautiful color, but at the Macy's by me the two duffles they have on display seem to be slightly different from each other - one seems a bit darker than the other. I don't know if it was the lighting or my eyesight or some combination of the two. The SA did see what I was talking about though, so I'm going with the understanding that its not uniform.

    I got the duffle in violet and I really don't carry too much - cellphone, keys, wallet (accordion zip around) and a wristlet (the large audrey wristlet from last year stuffed with coach receipts) and there is plenty of room inside for more stuff. But given how nicely the duffle slouches, it doesn't seem massive. I did get the graphite/berry duffle in the larger size and even though I was worried that it would be huge, once the slouch sets in, it drapes beautifully.

    I love love love the violet color - not what you are looking at I know, but just had to say that. I'm beginning to wonder why I dragged my feet so long on the duffle, because it really is a bag made for me.

    I think the persimmon is a brighter shade of orange than the burnt orange - it is a little more muted, at least to my eye.

  3. Thank you! I was thinking that it might be close to maybe a burgandy color? Oh, and I do love the violet, too, but I'm drawn to red and fushia right now, LOL;)
  4. I have the large duffle in black cherry and it's a beautiful color! I like big bags so i automatically went for the larger size and i could carry the kitchen sink in it i wanted to....but it's not heavy and drapes beautifully. I walked around the Coach store with the regular size duffle in the orange for quite some time one day! Drop dead gorgeous bag! And you could carry a little or a lot in her...imo!
  5. Yes, I think that is what I was trying to say - it is more of burgundy color than it is an orange, but there does seem to be some variation which you probably won't see unless you see two or three of them side by side. But it has more brown to it than wine so its more of a red brown I think.

    I seem to be all about purple and blue this season - so I get the color cravings....;)
  6. Red brown yes....it's not burgandy.
  7. I was actually thinking that the black cherry might be more comparable to burgundy. Not the orange.
  8. I think that is what i meant - apparently there was some loss in translation between what i thiught and what i wrote. :smile:
  9. I'm a small/medium bag gal, my favorites are the medium Kristin hobos, medium Zoe, medium Carly, etc. But I have two regular Legacy Duffles and I can carry all sorts of stuff in them, but they don't look or feel any bigger than my other bags. I love having the extra space for stuff, but without the bulk, and they are so comfy to carry that all my other bags are gathering dust in my closet.

    The black cherry is a really beautiful red/brown color, not exactly burgundy ... more red like a black cherry that isn't really ripe yet. Gorgeous color, my duffles are the Black Cherry and Cognac.
  10. The black cherry is a gorgeous colour- but I have definitely noticed a colour variation between the duffles in that colour...perhaps that it what makes it so interesting?
    The regular sized duffle is smaller than the Isabelle (I have the Isabelle and debated between the two)- the large duffle is MUCH larger than the Isabelle.
  11. What's wrong with Isabelle?
  12. Isabelle, although a beautiful bag, is just a little to large for me. I really have tried to love her more than just looking at her, but I just cant.
  13. I am really leaning on the regular duffle. I hate to see Isabelle go, but I cant keep her just because i want to stare at her all day, LOL. I had my eye on the Black Cherry duffle at the time I chose Isabelle, so it was always between the two. :smile:
  14. I think the openning is narrow but the bottom is huge. I hope you kept the tags for return
  15. Oh the tags are definitely still attached. I still have the box she came in, LOL. I never used her, just put my stuff in and carried her around my house for a little while:smile: