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  1. I was hoping I could get some help on the Chanel Forum (my first post here!), with a bag decision.

    Lately, I've been going back and forth and getting opinions on which tote bag to buy for spring. But since I have to save $$ for the bags, it leaves my mind free to question my choices and it's come to a point where I'm just going around in circles! And driving myself crazy!!

    So I'm basically stuck between either the Chanel PST or the LV Batignolles Vertical.

    I think what I need is some professional guidance so here's my post. Which would you choose? The BV or the PST. And Why? Pros/Cons? Pics? Any advice would be great!

    Just so it's no surprise to anyone if they check out the LV forum from time to time I'll be posting a similar thread there to get their advice too!

  2. Sorry realized I put LV PST -which should read LV BV. I'm just that confused by this choice!

  3. the two are totally different bags....PST is much more of a classic than BV

    I think most answers u will get in here will be to go for PST anyway.....after all it is a chanel forum...haha :smile:
  4. ^^ Thanks e_pinpin.

    And I KNOW!! That's what drives me nuts I guess! I think the concept is the same. They're Tote bags. But one is a somewhat dressy classic (that you can dress down), and the other is very casual.

    The problem is I could go either way! Sometimes I think the canvas is more durable so get that, but then others say the PST is just as durable (especially without the vachetta).

    Then some threads I read said the quality wasn't that great lately for Chanel? And that got me concerned....

    If ONLY I wasn't so indecisive!!