Looking for some help...Cause you guys are good!!

  1. Hey everybody, been away awhile..My sis was in the hospital...Anywhoo..A girlfriend of mine is getting divorced and she wants to sell me her gold Miroir speedy..I have the pap which I love. But the only problem I have is I can not find any pictures of the speedy in gold..Everyone I have seen is silver...Does anyone here have the gold speedy that they can model for me??? Thanks in advance!!
  2. it might take a while but hav you tried looking through the celebrities thread?
  3. Ooo Thanks!!
  4. i saw a couple on eBay few days back.
  5. I thought I had pics of gold but I only have pics of silver speedy being modeled would they help??

    Here's a random pic of gold speedy for your viewing pleasure LOL
  6. You can see mine in my signature or go to my collection;)