Looking for some feedback on the Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote

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  1. Looking for some IRL pics of this bag? Some feedback? Could I fit a few school books in it maybe a water bottle and a laptop in it? Is the olive a neutral color IRL? Or does it have a true green undertone? Does anyone own the red or chocolate? I know they just had a sale that I missed. Are we expecting another sale on it anytime soon?
  2. Hi. I can fit my laptop (15" screen), a bunch of folders, light sweater, wallet, cosmetic bag, lunch and a water bottle in my Ibiza. It can hold a complete change of clothing for me. I have the black one so I can't comment on the other colors. I don't have my camera with me so I don't have any pictures but my black one looks exactly like the pictures online.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of stuff! LOL! That is GREAT!
    I have the Dell Studio 17, which is a 17 inch laptop. Do you think a 17 in laptop would fit? Is there room leftover? In reality there is not that much difference between a 15 or 17" IMO.

    I'm having a difficult time deciding on the color!
  4. I just got the Ibiza in Khaki this week. I haven't taken it out yet -- sorta saving it for a big trip I'm taking in the next few weeks (which is why I bought it)

    It has a special compartment for laptops that is padded and I think could def. fit books, laptop, etc. though it still gets a bit heavy. The two outside pockets on the "Front" of the bag are a lil hard to access, in my opinion, though they are the length of the bag -- but you could probably stick a bottle of water in there. The outside pocket on the back of the bag is a short one -- good for a phone, keys, etc. -- nothing too big.

    Inside, there is one zippered pocket (not huge) and then the compartment for the laptop that has a snap to hold it closed. On the other side of the bag, there are three open pockets (like most HH bags have).

    In terms of price, if you live in NYC, you can try to see if the design shop is still having their 50% off everything sale... if not, try checking amazon, or check the deals thread -- the cheapest I've seen it has been around $99 (though I got it from the billion dollar babes sample sale for $70 including shipping).
  5. I bought the Ibiza for my 17" computer because it was the only stylish bag I could find that would hold a computer that big. When I do carry my laptop in it, it limits the amt of additional stuff I can put in. The Ibiza is less able to expand outwards so you can't fit as much voluminous or oddly shaped stuff, but books and papers are OK and a piece of clothing for sure.
  6. I don't know why it's called olive as I don't see any olive undertones. It's totally neutral.

  7. Thanks for the feedback so far!
    That is a great color! I love how you added the tassel to it!
    I have a red dell laptop! I have it narrowed down to black, olive, red or chocolate.
    Well I guess that is not narrowed down too far is it! ;)
    I am not in NYC so I am limited to online only. :sad:
  8. I know you're not considering khaki, but i just took two pic on my laptop -- the first to show how it looks on a person (I'm 5'9, size 14ish -- but also am wearing a baggie hoodie) and the 2nd to try to get a look inside of it (thought its not that great) -- hope it helps!

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  9. I second the olive (I also put a chocolate tassel on mine!) - it is definitely a neutral and the leather trim is fantastic. I have a 15" laptop that fits, however the interior tab with the snap that is on the laptop half of the inside will not snap over the end of my computer. I realize this may not make much sense without seeing the bag, but it doens't really change the bags functionality.
  10. Thanks for the pics! That is a great color too! You are not making this easy! LOL!
  11. My folders and papers actually go into the large "pocket" with the tab while my laptop is in the main compartment. I can definitely fit more stuff into the Ibiza than into my old laptop bag, which was a Timbuk2 messenger/backpack as long as it isn't bulky since you can not adjust the depth of the bag.
  12. I have the smoke blue and while I haven't used it just yet, I think it's a keeper and I plan to use it as a school/work tote come spring.
  13. Does anyone have the chocolate or black?

    Do you think they will have another 50% OFF sale soon? I know that is a long shot, but a girl can dream right?
  14. also I am having a difficult time telling the color of the leather on the red.... Is it black? Or a dark brown?
  15. The pics may not be accurate, because my smoke blue bag has leather that looks either navy or black in the pictures, but is chocolate brown in real life.

    I haven't seen the red in real life, but I've seen both the chocolate and the black.

    Word on "the street" is no more sales until march/april.