Scarves Looking for Some Advice on My First Hermes Scarf

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  1. Greens work well, but I find it has to be just the right shade of green. Based on the photo above it looks a bit on the turquoise side (some of the shading does at least) which doesn't work too well. Hmm, hopefully there will be more photos of the green CW soon
  2. I'm happy for you that you are interested in h scarves. I started when I was around 24 (now 28). While I do love the designs, colors, and prints, I have a hard time wearing 90 cm silk scarves. They are more difficult to tie and it's hard to get them to look effortlessly done while not looking like a flight attendant or significantly older. I've bought about 20 or them and while they are pretty, I only occasionally wear them and to me, they are more art. I have about 10 140 cm cashmere/silk scarves. While they are significantly more expensive, they are by far more useful and easier to wear. They are warmer and drape beautifully and can be worn so many more ways than 90s imo. They do pill, there is no such thing as cashmere that does pill. As long as you are careful (you don't have to baby it), it should be fine. If you live in a warmer area, 140 cm silks would be a good choice.

    As for color, pick what you love. Find a design and cw that you love and cherish and that will go with more of your wardrobe. I think that will be more useful than buying something that is more 'Hermès'. I hope you find what you are looking for and that you enjoy it.
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  3. Also, for you, I recommend buying from It's free shipping and returns and the money goes back to your card. An in store purchase is only returnable for store credit. It's also hard for you since you are far from a store. Can buy and return from website till you find something you love.
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  4. Impossible to answer ! I find it weird that certain scarves and shawls work on me and others don't .
    I know what I would do if I couldn't get to a boutique, that would be to order both online [ I'm assuming b/w and green , then having both to try with your wardrobe,decide which works best and return the other.
    It can be like night and day , the difference between flattering [ which it must be ] and OK .
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  5. I like these ideas :drinks: Small update: I ordered the black and white one online. Customer service even said they can mail me some knotting cards (I read you could ask for some in store so I asked if I could get some with an online order. In case anyone reading this is new like I am and didn't know, it turns out you can). And I think I will order either the blue one or the green one tomorrow; leaning towards blue because a kind member in the other thread confirmed the green was more turquoise green which doesn't suit me and the bright blue it seems would be a better choice. That way I can compare and at least know for sure which works better for me. Even if I made the 'right' choice blindly I would never know without trying on both! Perhaps the indecisive part of me would wonder.

    :angel: There is also a small chance I end up keeping 2 CWs :eek::panic::shocked:
  6. I haven't read through every post on this thread carefully, so if any of these thoughts have been covered, please forgive.

    Do you already use as scarf? If so, there is no reason why it should not be a Hermes scarf.
    Perhaps it is the idea of wearing a scarf that your mother considers ageing for you.

    Forget about the idea of 'starting a collection'. It might well be - everyone knows the slippery Hermes slope. Do not think of this as an investment piece - although it probably will be. By that, not something that will increase in value, but something that will be so useful, you will get your money's worth over and over again.

    So, for this your first piece, choose the one that you love; the one that you want to wear now and tomorrow and tomorrow.
    Buy and enjoy.

    to quote your own words…will it be this:
    I saw the Panthera Pardus scarf (140) online and in videos and it took my breath away. I like the white/black combo and I've been seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on buying it.
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  7. :clap: Yay for ordering PP! Hope it/they look(s) great on you! :drinkup:

    Yes, with the availability you would expect that it is like with other brands and their (RTW) collections. But H is unlike most brands and they play by their own rules. With all sizes and incl men’s about 75 new/reissued designs every season? And each one in at least 6 CWs, often 9 or 10. That’s a lot of scarves. Here in Europe they are mostly quite strict with the dates the boutiques and online are allowed to sell the new season, July 1st for fall/winter and January 1st for spring/summer. Strangely enough the scarves start to appear first in the US, about a month before Europe.

    The SS18 is already very long indeed! Think it also says something about the popularity of a collection. First there is the anticipation and little information. Then pics of press days etc start to appear. And scarfies that share intel on what they have heard from their SAs. The first scarves (purchased) start to appear always fairly early, but are few. There is a lovely tPFer that the last few seasons has been able to find all the stock pics from H, so we get to see the complete collection before it is in the boutique or available online, so that’s a lot of photos. Updated lists of what’s to come. And all throughout posts that express excitement/disappointment with a certain design, CW etc of course. Some sub-discussions. And that all before the season has even officially started. :roflmfao: At the appropriate time, based on the intel most discuss which scarves they are interested in with their SAs, so it is put aside when it comes in and they don’t miss out. After that of course the scarves trickle in and all the great mod pics that are so very helpful are shared. That’s ongoing. For me, it’s my absolute favourite thread every time! Already getting excited about the new season, last year the (fall) thread was started mid April. :woot:

    Looking forward to your reveal! FYI, besides the knotting cards there is also an app (Hermès Silk Knots)! :tup:
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  8. As I was reading this post, I was chuckling to myself thinking that if you ordered both the b/w and the blue, you are going to end up with both!

    I am much older than you are and I have been wearing/collecting H scarves for many, many years. I was in Paris in Jan and was thrilled to find the b/w Panthera 140. It is my first 140 cm silk, though I have many of the 14o cashmeres, I hope I can get the knack of wearing the large silks!

    I think that you are starting in exactly the right spot - you bought a scarf that truly captured your heart. As others have said, it is best to buy what you love and will wear.

    Sounds like you should plan a trek to your boutique - esp if you have a great fellow shopper to go with! One of the tricky things about online is, I have heard, that they monkey a bit with the colors to throw off counterfeiters. Plus the issue of colors on different monitors. Play with the different sizes and types of fabrics - and don't forget the men's section. Several of my faves come from there.

    I'm so glad that you have started your H adventure with such a gorgeous piece. Welcome to the Slippery Orange Slope!! (As you will see when you order the blue!!)
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  9. First of all, like others have mentioned in this thread, I will suggest you pick what YOU love. Not thinking too far ahead or overanalyze your choice, but to pick what you love now, will wear now, and works with your wardrobe now. If you are not completely comfortable with the loud colors and patterns right now and know you will use it a lot, don´t buy those just yet.

    Second, my neutral Hermès scarves get the most compliments. They look and feel very special although they are neutral. There is always a special Hermès touch that makes the scarf really stand out and make almost any outfit work better. I don´t agree at all with the comparisons with other brands for Hermés neutral scarves. The scarf I have loved the most and used almost every day since purchase is the Pirouette au Galop , a creamy white cashmere/silk with grey/black print, with orange edge. It is so versatile! It lightens up a black outfit, It looks great wearing with orange nail polish and beige clothes, works with navy, with denim; it goes with everything I already own. It makes me smile just to put it on. My next cashmere/silk scarf will almost certainly also be a grey/black/other neutral combo. I adore colors also, but neutrals are easier to wear for me and works well with my style.

    The 140´s CS are also much easier to tie and wear in different styles, they drape softer, feel nicer next to skin to be honest - but I also love the 90 silk carrés and own a few. These are just my opinions, as you can see we all differ in preferances as anywhere else in life.

    And online shopping is just great! I live close to a few Hermès shops and travels a lot to Paris/London/NY, I still like online shopping the most. I personally have never particularly liked walking into super expensive stores, I don´t appreciate the experience of it, I don´t like carrying the bulky bags afterwards, and the Hermès "game" people are talking about is off-putting to me. Enjoy Hermès YOUR way!

    Edit: Congratulations with ordering your first scarf! I am sure you will love it for many, many years to come.
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  10. @okdot - Thank you so much for starting this thread! Am in a similar spot, mid-20s now and have a pretty decent bangle/bracelet collection and am now looking for my first scarf. That thing that people tell you about asking the question because someone else is definitely wondering it to is definitely true, lol.

    Just spent time reading everyone's advice and will take it to heart when I go to the boutique in a week or two :smile:
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  11. I'm glad you ordered the black and white one that caught your eye to begin with. I am also a newbie to Hermes scarves (just bought my first last Spring), but something that I discovered after trying many on is that Hermes has a complexity and luxury that you can't get from other brands, period. I, too, thought about getting something colorful and complex, but ended up buying a simple mostly-gray pattern that looked amazing when I put it on.
    Plumes II.jpg
    The orange borders disappear when its folded on the bias and becomes a sophisticated, harmonious, muted accent to my gray-heavy wardrobe. Even though it's mostly gray, it is subtle and complex in a way that makes all of my other colorful non-Hermes scarves feel cheap and boring.

    It's never silly to buy a thing you love and will wear.
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  12. @okdot Do you have an update for us?
  13. This is gorgeous. Would you be able to share a mod shot?
  14. I'd be happy to! Please excuse the crappy quality of the photos. (My selfie game is weak.)

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  15. Beautiful! What an unusual and elegant combination of colors. I especially like the "necklace" tie in your first photo. Thank you for sharing.
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