Scarves Looking for Some Advice on My First Hermes Scarf

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  1. #16 Mar 25, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
    I’m a relatively new buyer, but wanted to share my opinion and thoughts with you.
    (Background: mid 30s, a scarf person before I started buying H in Nov 2016, own a small selection in various sizes.)

    I would suggest as a general rule: buy what YOU love. Don’t purchase something just because it’s supposed to be more “H” (??, up for debate anyway), or classic, difficult to find, fab on others etc. A better “investment” is always something that you know works for you, your style and your wardrobe. If it’s a design and in a CW that speaks to and suits you, that’s all that matters right? Why not spend your money on something you love, it is costly enough.

    Panthera Pardus should not be considered simple just because it’s b&w, it’s a beautiful design that probably is even better thanks to the limited colours in the scarf (btw, don’t know if you’ve seen all the CWs, here is a link to all 7: I actually tried this b&w PP, it’s beautiful. Is considering another scarf just because it’s more colourful really a viable reason?

    If your mom says a 90 looks too mature on you and not in a good way, maybe take that into consideration (that is, only if you value her opinion of course). She’s the one that knows you and your aesthetic, not us strangers, no matter how many people here like or dislike 90s for their own reasons. Consider how you want to wear a scarf. Even if there are many ways to wear it, there is no point to buy one only for this reason if you know it’s not very likely you will wear it other than around your neck.

    I don’t believe in a 140 vs 90 as to what’s the best starter scarf. Everyone is different. What is more wearable is always your own preference. Perhaps the 140 is the way for you to go. You will know when you try it.

    If you choose to order online, have it delivered to the boutique and try other sizes and materials while you’re there. Since you mention you are indecisive, take someone with you to the store who’s opinion you value and you trust upon. You don’t want to (only) rely on an SA that doesn’t know you, this will prevent you from ending up with a scarf that you later find is not you because you are overwhelmed at the time (the problem with H is that they have so many beautiful items, beware).

    A cashmere/silk is less durable, but can be more wearable. It depends on your where you live, your wardrobe, how careful you are. Unlike with silk, you have to be careful with jewelry, rubbing, bags etc. Silk is very carefree. I wouldn’t recommend a CSGM as a first scarf, just because of their high price point combined with it’s delicacy. Unless you are comfortable with both aspects and feel they are of more value to you. Also take a look at the men’s in this regard, they have cashmere/silk scarves in a smaller size too (100cm) in fab designs. (As for the Jaguar Quetzal mentioned earlier, note that it is dark blue/grey, not b&w.)

    Some of my own personal thoughts on 90s etc: I myself try to stay away from 90s as much as I can. Mature is not necessarily the word I would use, but they mostly look too “ladylike” for me, that’s not my style. It is due to a combination of the size, fabric, stiffness, shine and the fact that they are so slippery I have to use a knot or scarf ring to keep it in place. They can easily appear quite formal or overdone and I want a more effortless look (mind you, I’m not a casual dresser at all!) . I only own two 90s right now. In spite of the size had to have them because I loved the design (my number one criteria for any scarf). Bigger or smaller sizes, or a different material work better for me. Also, I don’t wear silk in any size during fall or winter.

    I don’t think you should just pick a darn scarf and buy it. Have fun with it. Enjoy the process. Make your own decisions. And reveal what you end up with here! :flowers:

    Edit: just read your latest post. Cavalla’s blue one is gorgeous too! You can also consider asking your boutique which CWs they ordered and if they will still come in (that they didn’t have it when you called doesn’t mean they won’t receive it) and notify you. Maybe that way you compare the two IRL. Either way, good luck!
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  2. Thank you for such a thoughtful and eloquent reply! I agree that CSGM is not for me as the first H scarf, although I am sure one day I will find one I cannot resist. Seems like it's not quite the forever piece I'm looking for and perhaps the wear on it and the amount of care it requires would be overwhelming as my 'first'.

    As for the 90s, I agree it's much more ladylike. I am not a casual dresser either while mom has a much more youthful and casual way of dressing. I trust her opinion because she is a consistent and reliable shopping buddy who always keeps it real :giggle: However, I think it may be too lady-like, even for me. I am sure when I am older it will suit me much more. I like the idea of wearing the larger silk scarf both in a pretty knot but also loosely over the shoulders or even draped over one shoulder. I think it's still elegant and not so casual due to its design and silky luxurious nature, but still not too lady-like.

    I am glad you said that about colors and what is more or less "H". I think that was a bit of a hangup I had with deciding on my first scarf. I saw something that looked remarkable yet simultaneously unlike many of the other pieces I had seen from H. It wasn't the "classic" scarf size, nor had the vibrantly colorful aesthetic I often saw. It's kind of like someone who likes Chanel, for example, but doesn't invest in a bag from the brand until they see something that feels 'right'. But I felt maybe it's not uniquely Hermes (could be another brand?) or maybe the 'simplicity' of it made the pricetag harder to justify. Yet I agree, it's not simple just because it doesn't have 15 colors. It's so beautiful, to me, that I could see myself framing it and just looking at it while drinking my morning coffee...even as I write this I know that scarf is so me. Haha! Helps so much to talk it through. Wouldn't the ladies on this forum be amazing shopping partners?

    I looked at all the CWs you linked and I do like them, especially 01, 03 and 07 (purple, blue, green). I haven't seen them on the forum (except for the blue here which is really tempting actually: but I have noticed that the colors on the website don't quite do a lot of the scarves justice or simply doesn't portray the colors very accurately. I don't even know if those colors, which are no longer on the website, would be possible to track down. Something about the B/W feels very 'pure' for lack of a better word. Yet I do have dark red hair and green eyes so I can see the bright blue, green and purple working well for me. :girlsigh: Difficult decision
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  3. Here’s the green one hanging. It’s more of an emerald green IRL. IMG_2135.jpg
  4. Wow, so pretty! It looks blue / light green on my monitor. Starting to understand why everyone says a trip to the store is a must haha
  5. I like 90 silk and 140 cashmere (CSGM).

    90 silk is the classic H scarf. You should own at least one at some point! :smile: But that doesn’t need to be now. I know what you mean when you say that this format makes you look more mature. I struggle with this myself. But these can be tied a variety of ways, and worn as belts, etc. I also find that certain knots suit me better than others. Lately I’ve been wearing a 90 in a bias fold, simply slung around my neck. No knots. My style is more casual luxe, occasionally sporty. Still figuring out ways to incorporate a 90 silk into my outfits more effortlessly. I feel like a crisp white blouse and jeans is my favorite way to wear a 90 silk.

    That said, I also adore 140 cashmeres (CSGMs). This is where I started out. I personally find this format to be more versatile. Part cashmere, part silk (more cashmere than silk), and feel heavenly on. They’re super soft and fine, very light, and warm. They can be worn in winter, and you can use them as shawls in spring or fall, or cooler summer nights. I can throw one on and wrap it around my neck, and I don’t worry about whether the look ages me, as I sometimes do with the 90 silk. It’s just like a regular oversized scarf, albeit a very luxurious and expensive one. I wear these more easily and frequently than my silks.

    I have one 140 silk. To be honest, I haven’t quite figured out how to wear this one yet. I bought mine because I loved the color and design, and I didn’t have anything in this format. I’d like to wear it as a top eventually. I know that two 140 silks can create a dress. I’m very happy I have mine, but can’t really advise on this one as I haven’t really experimented with my own yet…

    Depending on your climate, I’d consider the 140 cashmere for its versatility. So beautiful, light, and warm. But colors are a bit more vibrant on silk, which makes them special. Some are like squares of art, and can be hung or framed. H also sells a magnetic scarf hanging system where the scarf can be easily swapped out for another depending on your mood.

    But price on CSGM is much higher. I think it goes like: $395 for 90 silk, $700-800ish for 140 silk, and $1100 for CSGM. Then there are also Twillies (which can be worn tied around your neck) and pocket squares. Much less fabric on these, less fabric to potentially snag!

    Yes, another thing to consider is that H scarves, while exquisite, are on the delicate side. They will snag if you are not mindful. Be careful when doing things like pulling on your seat belt, wearing crossbody bags, carrying things against your chest (like a big package) if wearing a scarf. All from personal experience unfortunately. I was once at REI trying on backpacks with a CSGM wrapped around my neck, and ended up creating a small run in the fabric while trying to buckle on the chest straps. I should have removed the scarf, but I had managed to drape it *just* right that day and didn’t want to undo it. I should have taken it off!! So, I would say you do need to be careful, and mindful.

    I have read of complaints of the declining quality of the CSGMs, but I haven’t worn them long enough to attest to what they’d been like before. They do get a little fuzzy with wear, but still remain lovely in my experience. Unsure of pilling, as none of mine have pilled yet. This is a fabulous resource for ideas on tying 90 silks, and some CSGMs. She has video tutorials too.

    For your first H scarf, whichever format you choose, pick a design and color way that you really love, because you will always remember it!

    Jaguar Quetzal is my favorite design from the current season. I bought two 90s and 2 CSGMs in this pattern alone so far. The navy/gray Jaguar shawl is a lovely neutral (it looks black/gray on the monitor, but it is a dark navy!), and available on the website for purchase. I also bought the 05 shawl (darker blue one) and this one is stunning. I love that this one shows the jaguar’s natural color spots, so depending how you tie it, it can look like a “leopard” print. It’s very fun, and the color is neutral enough to go with a lot. This particular CW has been posted several times in the 2018 spring scarves thread. Haven’t seen it online yet.

    Grand Prix 90 is also fantastic (love the blue/orange CW). Omnibus Remix is a slight “twist” on the first ever H scarf design, a good one for collectors. Of course, Samourai shawls are also doing pretty well, though I’m personally not in love with any of the CWs.

    If you can, if you have the opportunity to, I would visit a boutique and try on the different formats personally, to see which one you like best!

    Best of luck to finding your first scarf!!
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  6. Oh, and I don't believe there is a down side to ordering online. Returns are easy, and free.

    But I heard once that online purchases don't go on your "record" with H. If you plan on buying more stuff in the future, you might like to forge a relationship with an SA who will help you track down things you are interested in, whether it be scarves or other items. If this doesn't apply to you, I wouldn't fuss.

    Of course, your local store may not have the design/CW you're looking for. However, my SA has managed to transfer stuff in for me before. But if the website has exactly what you want/are looking for, and you don't live near enough to a boutique, I'd just get it online.
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  7. Apart from what makes your heart sing, I'd also consider your body type and the climate. I have a couple of 140s but rarely wear them as I feel overwhelmed by the amount of fabric. I'd probably feel different if I were taller and (a lot) slimmer :P. I live in the tropics and I'm not partial to cashmere, so I have very few of those. The ones I do have were bought more for the sheer beauty of the design (art in a box).

    I'm with Angelian on the 100cm silk/cotton scarves from the men's dept. I like the size and the feel. I also like 65, 70 and gavroches because I wear these smaller formats in contrasting or co-ordinating pairs. The lower price point also means any boo-boos in choice hurt a lot less...

    Do try on a few designs or colourways or sizes at the boutique before making your choice. And don't worry about deliberating a long time over it. Sometimes I go through 2 cups of tea and 2 hours of indecision before I finally decide that the cw that appeals most to me is not there :rolleyes:
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  8. Not that long ago I verified that my online purchases had been merged into my store history, and I think you can ask for that if they have separate records.
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  9. I am a scarves person. I strayed from scarves for a while but am getting back into them. I thought the 90 would age me too. Then I tried one on tied loosely as I would any other scarf and it looked unreal. I loved it. The colours helped - greys and oranges. It was fabulous. Now I'm out to curate a collection of 90s. I love the 140s but I'm a low maintenance lady. And I live in the tropics.

    Definitely going to check out the men's selection of cotton-silk mix though!
  10. :yw: Just wanted to point out that you should trust your own instincts. You seemed to have fallen in love with Panthera, but are doubting yourself because you see a lot of the more common size or more colourful ones. Also note that the 90 is the size H releases the most of every season by far! 18 (new designs and reissues) versus 8 of the 140 in silk, it is expected they are so visible in the various threads.

    There is no one size/theory fits all. Do what’s right for you. That a 90 carré is considered an H classic would never ever be a consideration for me to purchase one. Others value this argument. Perhaps you will try a 90 and it becomes your favourite size, why not, it is for a lot of people.

    I added my personal feelings of the 90, because I know I’m in the minority here with my lack of love for this size. Wanted to voice another opinion. It’s more of a feeling, know it’s not me. Also not an age thing, no matter how old I get, I’m almost certain it will never be my preferred size to wear. Appreciate them on others very much (encouraged my mom to get one, also by Dallet like Panthera Pardus, because I know it suits her perfectly). Despite my “issues” with the 90, still had no hesitations to buy the two I have, adore the designs and knew I would feel excited to wear them (and I really do). I will continue to make these kinds of exceptions on my own rules. The benefit of not caring for the 90 is that there is less H to tempt me, believe me, there is enough already! :giggle:

    I hear you on wanting to frame it! :ghi5: One of the things that appeals to me is that the scarves are designed by actual artists, and not a design team of a brand. A lot of them are pieces of art. When I buy a new scarf I always spread it out across my table for at least a day to look at and admire it, and there are even ones that I carefully hang with adhesive tape on a wall for a short amount of time when they are new. :sneaky: But I buy to wear them for now.

    Yes, it’s not very helpful that the colours on the website are not accurate. That’s what’s so great about tPF, you get to see IRL pics. Below are links to photos of Panthera Pardus posted by members. Lots of B&W, another of the blue, but also one of the violet (although in artificial light) and 10 (green/brown). I don’t remember seeing other colours there. Do believe there is a member that recently posted that the green is being transferred for her. You can always ask if there are others that have not posted theirs or request additional pics, most scarfies are happy to share.

    It’s not that the others are no longer available on the website, not all of them have appeared (yet) on the website. We are only midway through the season and it’s a steady/slow flow during the entire season for scarves to pop up in boutiques and online (as they are also manufactured throughout the entire season in France). Not everything will be offered online, that’s why it could be wise to ask for specific scarves you’re after at your local store. If they have not ordered it themselves or it is sold out already, they can do a search in their system to locate it and have it transferred. At this point I don’t think it should be to difficult to track one down. I assume that you’re not located in Europe, six of the CWs are available online here right now.
    Sounds like all CWs you are eyeing would suit you well! :flowers:
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  11. Wow, talk about above and beyond :amazed::amazed::amazed:. Thank you for finding all those links! I'm going to frequent the TPF H scarf community (with my one scarf lol) just for how kind and helpful everyone is :hugs:

    Yeah I really do appreciate that you replied about your preference for 140 silks over 90. I didn't really think about the fact that Hermes releases so many more 90s than 140s (I also think I need less temptation so no problem there) but before people started sharing their love for 140s I was thinking "am I missing something?" because I did learn towards the 140 from the start.

    I also didn't realize that the collection is relatively new and is trickling into stores / online. It makes sense that the spring collection would be mid-way in since it snowed here just last week :facepalm:. But a lot of other brands have spring and cruise collections in stores in November and December. I am sure some will be selling the Fall 2018 collection in a few weeks - so that's how I was thinking about it. Glad I have good timing for the H Spring scarves! I was afraid I was late to the party given the over 300 pages in that 2018 scarf thread.

    I'm looking at these pictures over and over again and just trying to decide on the CW. I almost want to get both :-s which is how the H scarf addiction begins, I'm sure. The hardest decisions, for me, are when there is no wrong choice but the ideal choice isn't clear. Maybe I'll ask in the Spring 2018 thread if anyone has more mod shots. At least I cleared the decision hurdle in terms of size and composition and design - almost there :drinks:
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  12. I can't think of a better piece to start your collection than Panthera, it'll look as good on you decades ahead as it does now. A lifetime piece and the artwork and detail is so superb. It will always look modern and lift your neutral outfits.
    Don't settle for something you aren't really drawn to.
    I'll add a caveat : it's a striking and a very bright white with black , so check that this will look good right next to your face . Some of the other colours in this design have less contrast and are softer on the complexion.
    If you are in your twenties most things look amazing!
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  13. Thanks for showing us this beauty.

    These types of tonal colourations can be deceptive. What may look like very few colours and a simple design is actually quite a lot of ore complicated tonal 'shading', the main green-blue colour is actually quite a few separate shades and tints and and all the various greys, even the background has different shades in the grass and then theres the contrast hem...
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  14. That's an important caveat! I am very pale with dark red hair so it's possible the bright white might wash me out a bit or fall flat near my face. Do you think it would only work for someone with darker skin or a nice tan? (my skin burns, doesn't tan :tdown:) I do find that gray and black colors work well for me however. Would be so much easier if I could just try them on :rolleyes:

    You're so right, it's a subtle complexity. The more I look at these scarves the more I am amazed. The contrast hems definitely add another layer of 'wow' for me :love:
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  15. If you have dark red hair I bet the green one would look amazing.
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