Looking for solo travel buddies in Seoul/Gangnam for early January


Dec 6, 2018
I'm going on a Japan/SK solo trip after New years, so I'll be in Korea for some sightseeing and consultations for eyelid surgery in the first week of January and planning to stay for around 10 days total. If anyone is also solo traveling for similar reasons and wants to join me, please let me know! I haven't set anything in stone yet so planning will be easier. For my DES consultations, I'm planning to consult with Dream, MVP, IVE, and View.

Since I'm a 26 year old male Chinese Canadian, I won't be able to help with translation (but been using duolingo to learn some simple korean sentences lol). People who can speak Korean are extremely welcome to join me haha.

Let me know if you would like to set up a small group with me and we can talk details.