Looking for solid color Maddy @ a good price!

  1. Hi there,

    My sister has fallen in love:heart: with the Maddy, but does not care for the metallic on the one she just received.
    If anyone see's a solid color one on sale can you please pm me?

    I've only seen fakes on eBay, but if anyones see's a used authentic one in super excellent condition around the sale price (598.00) in a solid color .. that would work too.

    Thank you for letting me share my search with you:smile:
  2. You hardly ever see a Maddy on e-bay. I think that is because they don't make a fake one. All the fakes are the Mahala size. I've never seen a fake Riki either, but you hardly ever see Riki's on e-bay either. There are some pretty good consignment sites you might keep an eye on. Rodeodriveresale.com is one; portero.com is another.
  3. I've never seen a solid color Maddy on sale. I keep checking BlueFly and eBay and have yet to see one. Good luck with your search.
  4. thank you for your suggestions :smile:
  5. Portero.com has a pristine black Ramona for about 800.
  6. thank you Jmcadon!
    Thats a great deal!

    I'll check it out, I think she's stuck on the maddy or mahala though.
  7. Actually, I purchased my red Maddy on Bluefly back in mid May and w/ promo codes and all, I got it for about $900.00:yahoo:
  8. Robyn - great find on your Maddy. I keep stalking BlueFly but haven't seen one. I'm sure if they post one it goes fast!