Looking for small MJ Multipocket in bordeaux!

  1. Is there any hope?

    PM me if you've seen any out there!
  2. I saw one at Bloomies Century City in LA last week. It was 30% of at the time, not sure if it's included with the additional 40% off sale this week. There was only one, but maybe an SA can do a central store search if it's not there anymore.
  3. I think there was also one about two weeks ago at Bloomies South Coast Plaza, CA. (Costa Mesa).
  4. Hi, I saw a small multipocket in bordeaux at Bloomingdales in Westfield San Francisco last weekend. Not sure if it's still there.
  5. I got mine at Bloomies.
  6. I should've read the other replies before posting...

    I picked that one up... at least I hope so, the SA was a bit weird and I couldn't figure out if she sent me the right bag. I'll find out tonight. I didn't know about the additional 40%. I hope I can get a price adjustment!
  7. I just Boca Raton and its not an extra 40% off!!! Weird!!!
  8. I got mine around two weeks ago at Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase, MD. With discounts it came to $501 (plus tax). The store's # is 240.744.3700, but I'm blanking on the SAs name right now. Hope you find one soon!
  9. How much was it? I was planning on going there for a price adjustment, but I don't want to go if it's the same price I paid.
  10. Its 30% off 895!
  11. Saw five or six bordeaux multipockets for 30 percent off at Bloomingdales in NYC about two hours ago. You should call there
  12. Thanks! That's the same price I paid. I guess I don't need to go back.
  13. theyre 40% off at bloomingdales now. $537. wonder if the price will drop any more T_T
  14. :wtf: I should go for a PM now.
  15. Bloomies had Sofi's in bordeaux as well... I'm desperately trying hard to NOT order one.