Looking for small Chanel flap

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  1. I would like to get my wife a small Chanel bag, probably a flap or a mini. I'm new to chanel although have always loved them. This will be our first. What I'm looking for is something that is versatile and could get alot of use. It would be used at formal occasions or going out to a night club. Something classy and dressy but not over kill for resturaunts or clubs. Basicaly any time there is a need to go from a everyday bag to a nicer evening bag. I hope this topic hasnt been brought up to many times. I did do a search. If there are previous threads please let me know otherwise any opions and any education on the types and styles of these bags would be greatly appreciated. Also where could I find good deals or sales. Thanks ladies! ​
  2. Mini holds more than you would think, easily fits a phone, wallet, keys and lipgloss for a night out. The strap is long, (but not long enough to use across body), and I love mine.

    Picture here


    I think approx price for a mini in lambskin is 2k now, alot for a tiny bag, but very very cute.

    Next Suggestion, WOC (Wallet on Chain)
    Basically a wallet to hold money in, but has space to hold lippie etc, and again, long enough chain, and perfect for evenings out.



    My preference would be for the timeless clutch. Still one of the most affordable Chanels at under 2k, holds sooo much, and is just a beauty.
    piccie here (lots of piccies on search on the forum too!


    Hope that helps
  3. I just looked at a lambskin mini and it was $1895 or so. Some correct me if I am wrong but isn't the east/west caviar around the same price? The sales person might call the east/west a pochette or baquette.

    East/West in black caviar would be perfect for day to evening.
  4. I suggest the black caviar mini flap in silver hardware. (or gold..)
    I just got one and I love it. Easy to use throughout the day casually (when you don't need to carry too much), and great at evening. I wouldn't go clubbing with any Chanel haha, but the mini would be okay for that. You can use it messenger style depending on your height. I like it more than the Wallet on Chain because it's still a classic flap you know...?

    As for sales ... classics don't go on sale. Only seasonal bags do.

    Also, you must be a super awesome husband!!!