Looking for Sloane Poudre

  1. (Mods please kindly remove this thread if it's unappropriate since I was looking for a BV Shopping but doesn't seem it exists here) :shame:

    Since I saw Hovercraftier's Poudre Sloane, I have been lusting for one..I found one on e**y but its, I believe called Old Petra..
    I tried to educate myself more about BV since I usually spend most of my TPF time in Balenciaga forum, but unable to find whats the RPP for this bag or where I can locate one..

    So hoping a BV TPFer wouldn't mind lending me a hand to find one :biggrin:
    Will appreciate,

    TIA :heart::heart:
  2. Hello Aki_Sato, welcome to the BV side! We are all good enablers and will be glad to help. Oh and poudre is definitely different from Old Petra
  3. Has anyone ever seen a poudre sloane? I have seen limo and old petra but not poudre where I live. I know different countries sometimes have different colors.
  4. Thank you NWpurselover :smile:

    LOL! I know, fellow TPFers play crucial part in all my bags enablings :graucho:

    Can I please ask then, Poudre - is more to Lilac while Old Petra - how could you describe this?

    TIA :heart:
  5. Poudre is more lilac and old petra is more of a browny, pink, gray-mauve mixture which doesn't sound good the way I am describing it but is very nice as well. I have seen both in person and I prefer the poudre personally.
  6. NWpurselover, your desc of old petra makes it sounds like such a unique colour!! :biggrin:

    I personally prefer Poudre as well but just only able to find Old Petra now..
    I am still contemplating whether I should settle for this..

    You said you have seen Poudre personally, do you mind to share the info where did you see it? :sweatdrop:

  7. There is a pic of a poudre bag in the sale section of NAP's website. The poudre is a lighter colour more pinky purple, whereas OP is a darker colour, more browney purple. It just depends on your preference. BTW did you get the OP sloane up on eBay recently, it was at a good price when I checked the listing?????? Here is my OP Sloane
    DSCF0739.JPG DSCF0740.JPG
  8. I would say Poudre is dusty pink. My Cocker is Poudre but that's in deerskin (there's pics in the BV Collection sticky thread). In lambskin the colour would be slightly different. I love both colours but Poudre looks better on me (brighter) compared to Old Petra (darker). Both colours are from SS07, hence it might difficult to locate them from the stores.
  9. WOWWW!
    Thank you for the pictures Syma!
    Your OP Sloane is beautiful beyond words :girlsigh::girlsigh:

    The seller ended the auction apparently someone wanted to BIN it but she emailed me saying that the buyer still has not paid for it and to let her know if I am interested..
    Before I am still hesitating cos I think I like the Poudre better than OP, but now after seeing yours one....I LOVE IT :nuts:

    Thank you for the enabling :yahoo:
  10. Thank you for the info Ms Piggy :yes:
    May I ask why does Poudre looks better on you?
    *skin colour?
    *wardrobe choice?

    I am crossing my finger to be able to buy an OP Sloane..

    Wish me luck :yes:
  11. Skin tone. Brighter colours tend to lift my complexion. Both colours would complement my wardrobe as there are in the same family.

    I think its harder to find Poudre Sloane than OP Sloane. You'd notice the different tones on Syma's bag due to the skin being Nappa Umbria (waxed treated lambskin). Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. You are very welcome! I really hope that you get it! I'm sure it will be TDF! The colour is surprisingly neutral because of the brown undertones. Good luck with the seller and keep us posted!:sweatdrop:
  13. Thank you Syma and Ms Piggy,

    The seller replied that there is still no words from the buyer and the bag is mine if I want it!!!!
    But but...she asked me how would I make the payment (am thinking of Paypal of course) and then she said if Paypal, she is not sure how she will get the Seller Protection since Aussie (the down under I live in :noworry:) is not a confirmed address..

    I said, I am a verified address (whatever this means, LOL :biggrin:*says on my Paypal account) and for her to check my feedbacks, that I am basically an honest and always so speedy in making payment.. *Arent I a pushover??? :biggrin:

    I also wrote that if she is not comfortable with selling and sending it to me, I will not force her, so lets see what she says..

    Though, I am hoping that she will sell it to me..

    I just cant stop daydream about owning a Sloane after seeing Syma's beautiful bag :girlsigh: *I actually set the pic as my screen saver..LOL
  14. Excuse me if I am gonna bore everyone with more qns about Sloane;
    1. Does it come it different sizes?
    2. Being told Ms Piggy, that Syma's bag is Nappa Umbria, so does the Sloane come in different materials as well?

    Hope the BV experts don't mind enlighten me :biggrin:
  15. The Sloane is only available in one size. There's a variation of it in a bag called the Pyramid which is slightly more compact and comes in zipped top (instead of the magnetic flaps). To my knowledge, the Sloane is only in Nappa Umbria. HTH.