Looking for Sloane, McKenzie, Lena or Gretchen on sale?

  1. Hi Ladies -

    I just called and found out that an Off Fifth store has all the above Kooba purses on sale in the $330 - $380 range. The salesgirl told me they are all in dark, fall colors and they will ship. I just bought the Brown Carla & Moss Sienna there a few weeks ago so I thought I'd call to see if they had anything new.

    I don't want to post the exact store's name/location out here on the forum because I'm sure they will get bombarded by people asking questions who aren't really intending to buy.

    So....if you are serious about wanting one of these styles, PM me and I'll give you the store's info.
  2. Well, I'll say that Off Saks San Diego had all of the above today. Maybe not the Mckenzie. They also had a teak Frankie, but it looked like someone drove over it with a truck. I REALLY liked the Sloane. I am thinking about that one......
  3. BTW the whole store is 20% off today....
  4. I would love a Moss Sienna. Did they have anymore of those? Also I have no idea how to PM or I would contact you via the PM.
  5. No they only had it in cream.
  6. Hi Emilee - I don't think you can PM people until you have a few posts under your belt. I just returned the Moss Sienna. I had it on eBay for a week with no takers! Sorry!
  7. Update: The Off Fifth in Ellenton, Florida and Ft. Lauderdale, FL had Kooba's this weekend. Also NM Last Call in Orlando...see my new thread about that!
  8. photomj
    if you're still looking for a sloane, there's one on the Neiman Marcus site for $387. now
  9. Kooba.com added Gretchens to their "on sale" list. Black is 30% off, suede 50% off.