Looking for sites that sell Botkier

  1. I've found out that a few like swayandcake.com do as well as some others.
    Can anyone pop me up a detailed list? thanks!!
  2. JCMadison
    The Purse Store
    Active Endeavors
  3. Often, I just use an engine search like google or yahoo, with the name of the bag and the words "promotion code". Many times, in addition to discount, I find "free shipping" codes.
  4. Does anyone know any physical stores in CA that sell Botkier, besides Nordstrom and NM? I want to see some IRL but these stores didn't have the style I was looking for....
  5. Blue Bee in Santa Barbara and Rumor in Studio City carry Botkier.
  6. bg.com has a botkier bombay tote in rust for about $470, i think.
  7. thanks everyone!!! Hmmm wondering if Blue Bee has any coupon codes?:confused1:
  8. they had a code or sale before the holidays, but hardly ever offer codes.

    which one are you looking for?