Looking for Simple Pump Black, 40

  1. Anyone seen these in their shopping travels? Suede or leather. Thought I had a pair from Barneys, but those b*bleep*s canceled my order...:hysteric:. And since I live in an area, although beautiful, is lacking in any kind of sophistication, I have no place to buy CL's.

    Any help would be appreciated :flowers:

    P.S. Tried Saks and Bob Ellis- both are out.
  2. I know Saks in Atlanta had them in leather. You might want to call them.
  3. I saw them in leather at Saks in NYC just a few days ago.
  4. I just ordered mine from BG yesterday and it was black size 40. It should be arriving tomorrow if it was shipped out yesterday.
  5. I ordered mine from NM, in the store - they didn't carry it at the shoe dept but were able to order it. Good luck!
  6. From the BG website? Or did you go through the store?

    I'm on the phone w/Sak ATL right now...no go :sad:

    I'll keep calling around.
  7. ^^^no, call BG's shoe dept. and order them over the phone, do a charge send. I have always gotten my SA to comp shipping as well, so just ask. The worse they could say is no.

    Also, I see you are in VA, so no tax either!!!

    Good luck! They are a great wardrobe staple. :smile:
  8. Tabby - if you work with an SA at Saks, then have them locate the shoe for you. They should be able to check the stock at each Saks location around the country.
    Or try Ashakes suggestion and call BG shoe department - Thomas Khadafi is always helpful and knows a lot about CL shoes. Sometimes you have to be careful with the SAs you speak to because they can be clueless about CL styles.
  9. Barney's totally redeemed it's self!!!! Just got a call from CS and they located a pair in Chesterfield. so they are on their way:wlae:.

    Thanks all you CL spies!!!!!!!:sneaky:
  10. Great, because I was so going to call SAKS for you. Post pics when you get them.