Looking for Sienna in Army

  1. Anyone know how long ago these were around? I saw nunnla's in her "family" photo and I love it... Want it....:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    Does anyone see these on eBay?
  2. There have been a few on eBay over the past couple of months. However, sods law... when you want something it's never on eBay, when you don't want it, a few are listed. Be patient and keep your eyes open, because they do come up now and again.
  3. I got mine on ebay...and sold a duplicate on Ebay...to Nunnla. I have seen about 3-4 in the past 6 months so keep your eyes peeled. I think...and I emphasize "think" that they came out in late 2004. That is when I bought my Metallic Army Scarlett.

  4. Scarlett was a smaller version of the Sienna?
  5. Yes, about 12 x 7 x 4 I think.
  6. I saw one on ebay last week but someone grabbed it up quick. Just keep watching, one will turn up.
  7. Yes they do come up. Not often - just when you're looking for one, it seems like there isn't one there and viola! I think of my black Marcelle. I used to think "oh it'll never happen"....and one night I was sitting here watching TV, on the laptop at 10:30 at night and blammo - there it was. I couldn't believe it!!!!!! So just be patient....patient....patient....patient.....
  8. Dang you're killing me...love it!
  9. What would we do without Lexie, who can answer many color questions just by posting a pic.from her personal collection! LOL, you are the Kooba Queen for sure...

    The Metallic Army is def. more of a brown tone than green. The olive Sienna is nice, too, if you're in the market for a green bag, I def. can recommend that color. It's very nuetral, and great for Fall, but it's not the Metallic Army!
  10. I love the Olive colored one also but it's a whole different leather. The MA is slightly pebbled. And yes, It's name is Metallic Army which would imply a green hint to it but it's Bronzy Golden Brown. No green at all.

    I used to keep a running list of all the Koobas I've had (even for a short short time) but then it got ridiculous. I must have had 70% of all Koobas at one time or another...LOL That is NOT something to be proud of girls! It's a sickness...:sad:
  11. I definitely want the metallic one. Is that the one that nunnla has?