Looking for Shoulder to Shoulder tote

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  1. the one rachael bilson is carrying in the celebrities thread..
    i love it=== pm me if anyone has any info

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  2. I don't have any info but I want the bag too!
  3. It was in the Bergdorf Goodman March 2009 catalog. I got the pic below from the reference thread under lookbook, catalog pics. Price was $3795. You can try Bergdorf and see if they still have it. Good luck!


  4. ^ thanks so much--
  5. I love this bag as a messenger but it really seems like the straps are too short, what do u guys think?
  6. Did you ever find one? I have never seen this bag IRL
  7. I saw one at Chanel soho a couple months ago in a back closet.. don't know if it is still there. they are under renovations
  8. I still can't find one anywhere....can anyone help??