Looking for SAs --

  1. I thought it would be a great thread to put the names of the SAs we recommend at H boutiques. Maybe they were nice or did something special. This way some other "Hermette" visiting the boutique could have a good experience at a store.

    I am looking for a recommendation for the Palm Beach boutique. Anyone?
  2. i am planning a trip to PB too...I would love to hear some good experience with any SA also.
  3. Thought we can't put names on public forums - good or bad?? Or does it only apply to bad publicity? I'm still new to this...
  4. Oh Misspiggy I did not know that we were not allowed to recommend SAs.
    Maybe that is why only you and another has responded.
    Anyone else???? I am new to this too.
  5. I cannot find anything in Vlad's rules and guidelines.
    Is this thread ok Vlad???