Looking for Sapin Box

  1. Hi everyone! I just got my first Balenciaga and am totally hooked! I'm looking for a Sapin box and realize that they're discontinued but if anyone happens to come across one either on a shopping trip or cruising on-line....please let me know! I know Aloha Rag has one in white but I just can't bring myself to carry a white bag. Thanks all!:wlae:
  2. I believe Barneys Boston has still has a box in ink.
  3. Hi there! Thanks for letting me know. Is Ink a midnight blue or black?
  4. It's closer to midnight blue than black but can vary by bag with some being quite purple. I suggest you go to the Balenciaga clubhouse and check out the "ink club" to get an idea of what ink bags can look like.
  5. I'll do that!...Thanks again!