Looking for San Marcos Outlet Shopping Buddy

  1. PM me if you are interested in going to the outlet some time. I need to pick up a scarf & return a bag (large Legacy straw basket - I am keeping my small).
  2. Is that in Texas?
  3. If you mean San Marcos, CA... let me know and I'll PM you. :smile:
  4. That would be Texas.
  5. I love the San Marcos outlet!!!....I'm about 1hrs. drive South of Houston and I won't be going up there until around the 4th of July. If you make a trip any time soon can you please let me know what goodies you see!! I'll be so greatful!Thanks :smile:
  6. I would totally go except I really don't have any more bag money, and won't for quite some time I think. *sigh*