Looking for Saleya mm modeling pictures

  1. I tried on a Saleya mm and really love it-but there are questions like is the base sticking out too much. So I already did a search for modeling pics but found more pms...
    Does someone pleas have good modeling pic of the Saleya mm?
  2. hey, have you bought your Saleya MM?
    I'm contemplating about Saleya MM and PM. I like MM simply because it is a shoulder bag but the PM is only for hand held. I would like to see more pictures of Saleya MM being carried on shoulder...Please...
  3. ^ iwill try to post some later.
  4. The PM can be carried on the shoulder if you're not wearing a coat (and if you're petite). Sorry, I don't have any pics, but I've played around with it at the store.
  5. here are some old, non preg. pictures of me w/my saleya mm. it can be worn on the shoulder, but i prefer it in the crook of my arm. the base is wide and where it hits on your arm is awkward. however, if you need it on your shoulder, it's def. doable. i do not consider this a shoulder bag like i consider the mezzo or bh, though- it's just not as comfy as they are (rolled vs. flat handles). hope they help!
    100_0033.JPG 100_0041.JPG 100_0040.JPG